Magic Maze board game
Magic Maze board game

Magic Maze

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Recently stripped of your possessions, your group of down-on-their-luck adventurers has nary a copper piece between you. Your only option if you're to resume your dungeon-delving activities is to sack the local mall of valuables and supplies.

Magic Maze is a real-time, co-operative game. Each player can control any of the 4 Hero pawns whenever he wants in order to make that hero perform a very specific action, to which other players do not have access: move north, explore a new area, ride an escalator? all of this requires rigorous co-operation between the players in order to succeed at moving the heroes wisely, and complete your mission before the sand timer runs out.

Moreover, you will only be allowed to communicate for short periods during the game. The rest of the time, you must play without giving any visual or audio cues to each other.

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  • Only played a few times. Excellent condition.
  • A really great coop and party game. Endlessly entertaining...and frustrating.
  • Solves one of my problems in Co-op games in that noone is allowed to talk, therefore no one can be an alpha player. Outside of that at the end of the game it is fun to discuss intentions and where things went wrong. Would like to play more often with more players as I've only played with 3 players so far
  • Fun game, good as a warm up game or for a bit of a longer filler game. I've played it two or three times, would play again.
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This weekend I taught#The Castles of Burgundy 

#Magic Maze#Tournament at Avalon and did quick refreshers for#7 Wonders and#The Quacks of Quedlinburg 

I also technically taught#Pandemic Legacy: Season 2 but we were doing the prologue, and I was more reading the rule book outloud and being a lead interpreter on how that functions on the board... 

My way of teaching is start with how to win, then go back and explain the game... like "the goal is to get the most points... we do this by...  ". I used to start by explaining the games story, and what roles we were taking on but I found that didn't have enough broad. Also I always end with asking if players want rules and strategy tips or just rules clarifications during the gameplay. 

ive had two people tell me they don't understand the wine production in#Viticulture: Essential Edition after the game was over (didn't mention it during the game or during the teach tho...). So I guess that's a tough one for me, also I just don't enjoy teaching#Scythe

i think I am the teacher in most of my groups strictly because I'm an awful student, I neeeed to see the rule book. It's just the way my mind processes information, if someone is verbally explaining more than 3-5 rules I just can't focus. And almost all people I play with don't enjoy reading rule books so it works. 

The stress is a real thing! Not everyone enjoys that, which is why it doesn't get played more.  But if you can find 8 people who want to play... hot dang! You are in for a good time!

I also tend to like games that make you extrordinarily frustrated with people that you should be cooperating with, the kind of game that makes your allies feel like enemies.  Ha! #Magic Maze #The Mind #The Crew: The Quest for Planet Nine

There are quite a few cooperative games out there, but I think its probably tough to do that kind of balance well (I'm assuming, not a game designer myself).  Pandemic is deffinitely the quintessential example of this but there are #Forbidden Island, #Forbidden Desert, and #Forbidden Sky: Height of Danger by the same designer and use the same basic mechanic as Pandemic. I find those to be a little redundant of Pandemic but other co-op games that I enjoy are #Ghost Stories, #Mechs vs. Minions, #Spirit Island, #Hanabi#Commissioned and there's the RPG-lite #Mice and Mystics and of course there's always #Gloomhaven.  I'm planning on playing #Magic Maze at some point as well which I hear is fun.  Then there are the tons of semi-co-op games with like a traitor mechanic or some way of picking a winner out of the players like #Dead of Winter: A Crossroads Game, #Betrayal at House on the Hill, #Castle Panic, etc.  We like co-op games in our house =)

I like them in doses although I haven't played a ton of them.

#Magic Maze is probably my favourite but #XCOM: The Board Game is worth a look if you want something more involved.

I have really enjoyed a number of real time games, some of my favourites are:

#Magic Maze - So wonderfully tense, especially as you cannot talk, so if someone isn't doing what you want them to you are very aware of the time pressure (and get to use the giant red player marker to 'encourarge' them)

#Space Alert - Makes what action programming much less heavy puzzle and instead a manic, collaborative and hilarious mess. I especially like that after the timed bit you then play it out turn by turn and you get this slow reveal of all the mistakes you made collectively which is just hilarious.

#XCOM: The Board Game -  the app for this game is great, it constantly throws curve balls at you. At a slow pace (which we played for the first few games) it is fun but becomes so much more intense when you start adding the time limitations.

I love thinking things out in games (prone to a little AP) so real-time games really challenge me, in a positive way to make decisions on the fly/with my gut.


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