Great Western Trail board game
Great Western Trail board game


This ain't your average, everyday Euro game! Welcome to the Great Western Trail, where players take on the role of cattle drivers attempting to wrangle their herd to market. The trail will be tough, and countless hazards await you. Can you make it to the end of your journey and turn a tidy profit? Find out in Great Western Trail!

Simple Mechanics, Complex Decisions
Turns in Great Western Trail are broken into three simple phases that will carry you through the entire game. These simple phases belie a web of deep and complex decisions players will face as they make their way down the trail. The mechanics are simple, but mastering the trail is where the fun lies.

Make Your Move!
A turn starts by moving your cattleman down the trail. The number of spaces a player is allowed to move is dictated by their player board, and there are hazards a plenty all along the trail. Wherever you end up, the next phase is ...

Take Action!
When a player ends their movement, they perform the action listed on the space they ended on. Depending on where you land, you will have different options available to you. Neutral locations or buildings you own will allow you to perform a special action specific to that location or a single auxiliary action. On locations owned by other players, hazard tiles, or teepee tiles, your only option is to use an auxiliary action. Last, there's Kansas City!

Kansas City or Bust!
Landing on Kansas City sets off a series of subphases that must be resolved in order: Three Foresight phases, the Income Phase, and the Delivery Phase. The Foresight subphases give players a choice between two tiles to add to the board (hazard, teepee, or worker). These tiles will affect future trips down the trail, so choose wisely. Earn income from your journey down the trail by revealing and discarding your hand. Finally, choose a city to deliver your cattle to. This leg of your journey is over. Now it's time to do it all again!

Draw up to your hand limit and your turn is over! Time to start planning your next move and figure out the choices you'll face in the coming turns.

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