Godsforge board game
Godsforge is a fast moving game of battling spellcasters that is fun for 2 to 4 players. Players participate all the time in the game. Players are an elite spellcaster, battling to control the Godsforge, crafting creations and casting spells to defeat your opponents.Take the last ebb of their life force, and be the last one standing to win the game.

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  • Its ok and would try at 4 players but I think 2 player is waste of time (player thunder and lighting or raptor for 2 player experience) 3 player was ok and I am guessing this game is really made for 4 players but at the end of the day theres better 4 player games. this one just felt random and very lucky. mixing card draw with dice maybe just did not work with this type of game. and the rule book was not written with a todays standard rule book. they tried to fluff it up by adding ALOT of extra story to dice numbers which just equaled into a longer rule book read. The coolest mechanic is attacking to your left and defending to your right. which just made me want to try a variant for king of tokyo maybe.
  • Origins 2019
  • A bit weaker than I'd hoped, honestly. Really thin on card effects and the dice are easy to manipulate to the point that I've never seen anyone fail to play a card. A lot of the game comes down to pulling stronger cards, and that's frustrating. That said it's quick and works well at 3 and 4. What's here is nice enough, I just wish there was more of it.
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