Salvation Road board game
Salvation Road board game


In salvation road, the players control 4 to 8 characters struggling to survive in a barren wasteland. A set of heroes, exceptional individuals, are holed up in a barricaded compound, protecting a group of young, old, and wounded survivors. The desert around them is filled with the shattered husks of buildings, and with marauding gangs of bandits. The survivors are doing their best to keep the marauders at bay. Some have even been recruited by the heroes to help search through this wasteland, scavenging Resources. The good news is that they've heard radio broadcasts from a settlement called salvation, which claims to be a safe haven with plenty of food and water. The characters need to save up enough resources to make the long journey down the dangerous highway, in hopes of reaching safety from the marauders. Can they survive long enough to get themselves and the people under their protection, to salvation? Salvation road is a co-operative game for 1 to 4 (up to 8 with a scenario) players that plays in about an hour. In the standard game players are assigned 2 characters (1 hero and 1 survivor). Both characters are useful but you must deal with the survivor's limitations and exploit the hero's strengths to succeed. While scavenging resources in a post apocalyptic wasteland may sound easy, try doing it with the marauders on your tail, wounding you every chance they get.
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