Too Many Bones board game
Too Many Bones board game

Too Many Bones

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The original dice builder RPG! You and up to three other players are Gearlocs. Your homeland has been invaded by seven savage Tyrants, and the Gearloc Council has summoned you to defeat them. Draw daily encounters filled with tough decisions and battles as you make your way to the Tyrant’s lair. Discover powerful Loot and Trove Loot to help you on your way. Build your character and unlock new dice to roll as you take down unique Baddies, each with their own special abilities and traits.

Loaded with content for solo and coop play, Too Many Bones comes with 136 custom dice, beautiful edge-stitched neoprene mats, PVC cards and dozens of high-quality chips. The seven Tyrants employ their own special encounters and a unique final battle that will put all your skills to the test. Each of the four Gearlocs come with 21 custom dice, numerous character build options and completely unique gameplay mechanics and skills. This a game you’ll bring back to the table to try something new again and again.

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  • The more I play this, the more I love it! I want to play this ALL THE TIME.
  • What an amazing, intelligently designed game. It's quite rare to see some truly new and innovative mechanics in board games nowadays and TMB excells at it. The baddie points and how enemies enter the battlefield are genius. The game is incredibly challenging and rewardig. And OMG, the components. One of the best in quality I've seen so far (pretty much on par with Mechs VS Minions)!The only thing preventing me from giving it a ten is the horribly written rulebook and terrible graphic design choices. This made me mildly furious at times for such a great game being so hard to learn because of bad written rules. Typography is horrible, making the rule book and cards hard to read and understand. No hierarchy of information is respected. Text color and background texture on cards have terrible contrast. I mean - seriously - why the hell a company like Chip Theory Games, which clearly cares about quality in their games and likes to set the bar high, did not invest in proper graphic design?This aside, the game is wonderful to play. But the learning curve is steep simply because the game is complex AND the rule book sucks.
  • Amazing components. Great replayability!
  • This is a game that requires a dedicated gaming group to fully enjoy. But as a solo player I have beat this with one gearlock and with 4 gearlocks, and I immensely enjoyed both romps. HOWEVER, it has not left my shelf since the last 4 player campaign, and I am not sure it will. There is a lot of upkeep and a lot of things you need to know and do to keep things moving, and I am not sure I am up for that again as a solo player.
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Great idea. The list for me is:

1. #Too Many Bones this one looked too intimidating when it was set up on the table so she noped out, but she's warming ot the idea of giving it a try

2. #Great Western Trail "it's a jumbled up mess of random elements"... still bitter to this day about that take!

3. #Irish Gauge "it's too hard to get back into the game when you're losing" definitely truth to that, it's meaner than it looks 

4. #Arctic Scavengers: Base Game + HQ + Recon "its so bleak"

5. #Chronicles of Crime "it devolves into random scanning after a while" I agree with this as well. #Detective: A Modern Crime Game is my #1 crime mystery game by an incredibly long way. I think it dunks on consulting detective and while I respect chronicle's design, the app's not for me.


Got back to it this week, but also had some sillyness thrown in!

  • #Too Many Bones @ 1 player - tried out Tantrum vs. Gendricks again. Got my butt handed to me. Still learning, but I am learning that if something fails once, you need to change your strategy lol.
  • #Pax Pamir (Second Edition) @ 2 players + Wakhan (technically 3 players?) - The more I play the more I love it. Just interesting decisions every turn and I love being able to see things others might not! Like the guy I was playing against could have won had he bought the dominance check but he did not see if and a turn later I won :) 
  • #Patchwork @ 2 players - Love this, used it as a warm down from Pamir, probably my favorite 2-player game of all time. Really fun and quick, I love polyonimos too, just a delight. 
  • #Throw Throw Burrito: Original Edition @ 7 players x2 - First ime playing this, definitely fun but with the right people and we had the right people. Very competitive! Won't ever own this but a fun gimmick. 
  • #Secret Hitler @ 8 players x3 - Firt time playing this as well and man I am bad at playing the bad guys lol. The game is very hard to win as the Fascists! The group I played with was very intuitive on every little interaction!

#Fort - I like it. The cutesy theme is well executed and goes a long way - there was a lot of banter at the table resulting from the theme and it was a particularly funny playthrough (I play in person with close friends in my covid 'bubble'). In one's first game with any deckbuilder it's difficult to know what to lose and what to keep, so it felt a bit aimless at times, but hopefully that will come with replay. I don't think the decisions are particularly interesting tbh, there's usually one good choice and it plays itself a bit. We had a completely new gamer join us and I felt this struck a good balance between having enough to keep the hobbyists interested while being light enough to explain quickly.

#Space Base - My friend absolutely adores this game and it's probably the 20th time I've played it. I think it's okay and I won't say no to it, but at this point I'm just playing because it makes him happy. I won without thinking at all.

#Too Many Bones - enough superlatives have already been heaped on this game so I'll spare you the gushing, but yeah, I love it. Will definitely be getting an expansion or two on pay day, if they're still in stock.

#The Search for Planet X - I love a sudoku and this game is basically a themed sudoku. I lent it to a couple we know as something light(ish) for them to play as they said they have no games and were bored in lockdown. It surprised me to receive a text saying they tried to learn it and were baffled. I think rules wise it's one of the lightest games I own, but always good to be reminded that most people are starting from scratch.

>"Right now I'm really enjoying games with RPG elements, co-op, and dice"

Haha, I can tell you are a #Too Many Bones fan! Those are my three favourite things as well actually. If you love it as much as me I'd say keep going with the expansions if you haven't already. There's a lot of great stuff to keep the TMB going.

It's not perfect, but I absolutely love #Elder Sign which is a co-op w/ custom dice. If you can get your hands on a decently priced copy then you could do much worse, and it's great solo.

Hello all!

1) I found the site via mention by one of Alex of's recent videos. I'm kind of surprised, given the quality and purpose of the site, that I hadn't discovered it before. Glad to have found it though.

2) I've been in the hobby in one way or the other for close to forty years or so? I've been a fan of games of all kinds for as long as I can remember. I'm happy to see the emergence of niche games coming to the fore during the last ten years or so.

3) Three games? #Too Many Bones, #Star Wars Imperial Assault, and #Arkham Horror: The Card Game have secured top spots, but I also am looking forward to checking out #The 7th Continent, #Aeon's End, and #Gloom of Kilforth: A Fantasy Quest Game.

Thanks for the opportunity to introduce myself to the community, and I look forward to participating more here in the future.

  • #Pax Pamir (Second Edition) - two games of this as mentioned in my first impressions post!
  • #Too Many Bones - 3-player game against the Tyrrant Mulmesh, we were getting our tushes handed to us but somehow squeaked out a victory!

Fun video.

My top five right now is:

  1. #7 Wonders especially with #7 Wonders: Leaders
  2. #Tzolk'in: The Mayan Calendar
  3. #Trajan
  4. #Too Many Bones
  5. #Scythe


It is hard though. There are SO MANY great games.