Too Many Bones board game
Too Many Bones board game

Too Many Bones

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The original dice builder RPG! You and up to three other players are Gearlocs. Your homeland has been invaded by seven savage Tyrants, and the Gearloc Council has summoned you to defeat them. Draw daily encounters filled with tough decisions and battles as you make your way to the Tyrant’s lair. Discover powerful Loot and Trove Loot to help you on your way. Build your character and unlock new dice to roll as you take down unique Baddies, each with their own special abilities and traits.

Loaded with content for solo and coop play, Too Many Bones comes with 136 custom dice, beautiful edge-stitched neoprene mats, PVC cards and dozens of high-quality chips. The seven Tyrants employ their own special encounters and a unique final battle that will put all your skills to the test. Each of the four Gearlocs come with 21 custom dice, numerous character build options and completely unique gameplay mechanics and skills. This a game you’ll bring back to the table to try something new again and again.

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  • Brilliant component quality, design, organization of box. Really good cooperative game for the fantasy lovers. Huge learning steep but rewarding after you learn to play. Assymetric characters, each of them are diametrically different. So better to learn one and stick with it for more games. This game needs expansions. With them its easy 10/10keeper
  • The more I play this, the more I love it! I want to play this ALL THE TIME.
  • What an amazing, intelligently designed game. It's quite rare to see some truly new and innovative mechanics in board games nowadays and TMB excells at it. The baddie points and how enemies enter the battlefield are genius. The game is incredibly challenging and rewardig. And OMG, the components. One of the best in quality I've seen so far (pretty much on par with Mechs VS Minions)!The only thing preventing me from giving it a ten is the horribly written rulebook and terrible graphic design choices. This made me mildly furious at times for such a great game being so hard to learn because of bad written rules. Typography is horrible, making the rule book and cards hard to read and understand. No hierarchy of information is respected. Text color and background texture on cards have terrible contrast. I mean - seriously - why the hell a company like Chip Theory Games, which clearly cares about quality in their games and likes to set the bar high, did not invest in proper graphic design?This aside, the game is wonderful to play. But the learning curve is steep simply because the game is complex AND the rule book sucks.
  • Amazing components. Great replayability!
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I saw #Robinson Crusoe: Adventures on the Cursed Island on sale today and briefly considered it. 

I think a Chip Theory game is the perfect way to spend a gift card like that. It's the kind of luxury purchase that is quite hard to justfiy since it costs so much, but if someone else is paying... why not! I'm a #Too Many Bones fanboy so I'm surprised to see you go with #Cloudspire, but I'm intrigued to see how you find it.

Matthew Robinson did an episode of "Solo Mode" about #Cloudspire that was really informative. If you wanna check it out, it's here:

Yeah, that will be the likely direction I take. After giving it a day, I knew that I don't need to back this. I'll just get #Too Many Bones early 2021 and won't get another solo focused game until I've given all of my solo games at least 5 plays each or something :)

I'm going to sit on this for the next two weeks and see how I feel about it then. It's hard because I have two acquisitions in mind for 2021 that will eat away a big chunk of the budget: #Too Many Bones and the upcoming Kickstarter for Root where I'll back the new expansion and potentially the Underworld expansion. With U.S. shipping and taxes, I'm guessing it'll come out to be around $115, whereas the second edition is more like $80 with free shipping and taxes. I'm not sure if the new content will be worth the $35 in difference or not since I don't know how often I'll get it to the table!

I sure hope so! I mean, she forgets sometimes but she's already gone through several game sessions that she really enjoyed that went past 3 hours: #Catan and #Clank! Legacy: Acquisitions Incorporated (the first play of Clank! Legacy was pretty bumpy since it was our first legacy game). But yeah, I have so many games I'd love to introduce to her: #Star Wars: Rebellion, #Brass: Birmingham, #Tzolk'in: The Mayan Calendar, and #Too Many Bones. I honestly can't see her not liking any of these!

I hope your weekend is relaxing at least. Hope you get in some gaming time! :)

Hahaha well I'll vote for a "no" on the expansion being counted as a game :)

Are you mostly interested in the new map and other additions that will improve gameplay at higher player counts? Or do you see yourself playing 2p games more often once they make those adjustments?

For John Company, I finally checked out somewhat of an overview video. I can see the Cole trademark all over it. Sure seems like an interesting game and appears even more opaque than Pax Pamir 2E did at first glance. One thing that I consistently love about his games though is the emergent narrative and how he pulls it off using so few components, and I can see John Company being a memorable game. I'm just not sure how worth it it would be to get it for solo only, considering that it'll be competing against games like #Pax Pamir (Second Edition), #Root, and eventually #Nemo's War (Second Edition) and #Too Many Bones. I'll probably have to pass off on it but I'm looking forward to what changes they make for the 2nd edition. Ugh, it's going to be tough when I see the Kickstarter campaign lol

I've had half an eye on Hoplomachus for a while, but I get so much mileage out of #Too Many Bones it's hard to see the point.

#Too Many Bones is for sure up there, being that the entire game is technically waterproof 

dude #Too Many Bones is evidence for that claim at least financially lol