Empires of the Void II board game
Empires of the Void II board game

Empires of the Void II

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By the time Captain Markan realized Earth was losing the war against the Znu, it was too late. Earth's shield fell and the Znu scorched the surface to an irradiated wasteland. In desperation and for the survival of the species, she sent Earth's massive worldship on a decade-long journey to uncharted space. Their destination was the fringes of the galaxy, where there was a chance to gain a foothold and grow in strength again, and perhaps find new allies for the fight against the Znu and Decima empires. Learning of this plan, the great empires sent their own worldships, following Earth to the edge, determined to stake their own claim and win the war for the fringe.

In Empires of the Void II, each player has been given command of a mission by an alien empire to establish a foothold at the fringe of the galaxy. The game begins when their massive Worldships reach the fringe, where they must explore, wage war, use diplomacy, and construct buildings to gain victory. The fringe is sparsely populated, and many of the sentient species here are struggling to survive, leaving huge regions of planets open for exploration and colonization. Many species are eager to ally themselves with a powerful empire to gain security and stability in a chaotic and difficult time.

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  • There is a lot of different elements going on in this game that harken to others. It's like a mixture of Islebound, Firefly, Scythe, and Tiny Epic Galaxies, but limiting it to those comparisons is doing it an disservice. The planets feel alive, and play a huge roll in impacting the game itself with event cards that change in every game. Replayability is through the roof. To me, this is Ryan's masterpiece. It's a game that takes the strengths of his other games and throws it into one glorious box. My small complaint is how daunting setup can be, but boy is it worth it.
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For me the most "deluxe" game in my collection right now is the Kickstarter version of#Empires of the Void II. It has premium miniatures and metal coins! I acquired this game from Facebook market place. 

I think yes the metal coins and other deluxe components definitely increase my enjoyment of the game. There is something so tactile about board games and premium metal components can really take that to another level. 

I would say that overall most deluxe games are worth it... to an extent. Premium components are really nice but the game needs to be really good too.  If you have amazing miniatures but a poopy game the game is still poopy. 

Hard to say since they are all so different, but the "premiere" game I was looking forward to was #Empires of the Void II and it didn't disappoint.  Took a few turns for us to get comfortable with the game play, will require future plays to actually try different strategies.  Nice combination of euro mechanics and theme.

It was a fun weekend, my birthday, so I asked that my family joined me to play some of my new games.  We played #Trails of Tucana, #Empires of the Void II, #The Isle of Cats, #For Sale, #Cóatl and #No Thanks!.

What do you think of the art in#Empires of the Void II? I think it's my best looking game. 

I recently purchased #Empires of the Void II which has an interesting action-selection mechanism.  The starting player chooses an action, and then everyone can follow that same action without cost, or can choose a different action with cost. Then it goes to the next player to choose an action, etc.   I had to think why the designer would do that.  Then it dawned on me that the gameplay speeds up quite a bit since it's easiest just to follow the starting player's action and wait until your turn to do something else.

I haven't purchased any of the "normal" Clank! games, just #Clank! Legacy: Acquisitions Incorporated.  I'ts pretty fun.

Intrigued by Outer Rim, but I don't think my family would enjoy it too much, plus I just got #Empires of the Void II.  But it seems really thematic and fun!

Have you gotten to play #Empires of the Void II yet. I have been very intrigued, but I don't know much about it.

How did you start? | Comment

I always enjoyed board games, but was only aware of part/family-type games until a friend introduced me to #Catan 15 years or so ago.  I got the variant called #The Settlers of Zarahemla Board Game which became a favorite, then obtained #Carcassonne: Hunters & Gatherers which was fun.  I still really wasn't connected to the hobby yet.  Fast forward another 10 years and a guy at our office started bringing in a bunch of hobby games for us to play during lunch or once a week that intrigued me...like #Tsuro and #Diamant.  Around that time I found the Tabletop YouTube channel and really enjoyed watching them play a variety of games.  I picked up #Betrayal at House on the Hill (sold) which led to fun and aggrevating times with the family. #Near and Far (still own) was my first "big" purchase and while we didn't complete the campaign, we've played different maps many times and my eyes were opened to look for other games.  Since then I learned that I can sell games that I enjoyed but didn't play very often and use the money towards new games.  I've enjoyed exploring different themes and mechanics.  My only limiting factor is I don't have a steady game group...I can get my older children to play heavier games at times, and can play online with a friend and other in person every few weeks.  But certainly not as much as I would like.  When I run across a game that my entire family enjoys (like #Chinatown and #Las Vegas Royale) I typically keep them, so over time I have built up a nice little collection.  And sometimes I just buy a game for me (like #Empires of the Void II) that I just want to play but know I won't very often.

Art means a lot to me, but gameplay means just as much.  Having both is the perfect combo.  I recently aquired #Empires of the Void II which fills both criteria, as does #Call to Adventure. #Tang Garden is beautiful, I would say the gameplay is a little less compelling than the art.  Then again I have a lot of games that are great where the art is just serviceable, but not bad, like #Chinatown and #Medici.

Metal coins are so cool. The only game I have with metal coins is#Empires of the Void II. I love#Paladins of the West Kingdomto bits and I'm curious to see your take on#Viscounts of the West Kingdom.

Thanks, the more I've looked into both the more I think that they won't work for me. #Empires of the Void II seems a little light on the direct conflict, and unfortunately (this is a bigger loss to me) #Dune needs 6 people to really shine which I rarely (if ever) have.

Okay, I'm coming back to you for some advice. #Cry Havoc or #Empires of the Void II

Nice.  See most of my SciFi fandom is based on novels which I think could have a different impact on my view toward SciFi themed games, and their components/art/etc.  I really love old 60's and 70's style SciFi art for board games.

I think the new version of #Dune is stunning.  I do also like #Empires of the Void II art even though it's a bit more modern.  I would probably be even more attracted to it if it was more classic in it's art style.

Knowing that (and the betrayal possibilities) I think #Dune interests me more.  Do you think if you are playing #Empires of the Void II with more aggressive players in general combat might be heightened?

I feel #Dune is a lot more directly confrontational than #Empires of the Void II. Although both have combat, in Empires you don't hold it against someone as much as you are all just flying around taking over planets all the time

#Empires of the Void II is really enjoyable, it's a really interesting kind of 4X game as everything is so fluid, rather than empires expanding it is more like you running around spreading your influence and conquering planets while everyone else reconquers the planets you left behind (and you do the same to them)

I've mentioned this before but there's a big discrepancy between my preferences between board games and movies, where even though I really like sci-fi themes, I often find that I stay away from sci-fi themes in board games because it's not handled in a way that's attractive to me (or I just never came across the right ones). (1) The art is usually either very cliched/following the same old tropes, or it's just poorly illustrated and (2) the theme and story seems shallow. I guess I just feel like sci-fi board games don't sell themselves very well, especially not to a wider, non-hobbyist audience. Modern sci-fi movies are great at appealing to a much larger group but I think the general board game scene is a little behind the times on that front. 

#2 is really just a case of me not having encountered enough good sci-fi games or my indifference toward them, but #1 is something I see all the time.

Also, the two sci-fi games that piqued my interest despite my pickiness are #Anachrony and #Empires of the Void II. Interestingly, they both have illustration styles that aren't 100% appealing to me, but it's much better than most out there. And their mechanics and premise alone grabbed my attention.

#Empires of the Void II is a really enoyable game. I loved how fluid control of everything was, almost impossbile to hold on to anything if someone else wanted it and usually too far away to respond if someone made a move so you just have to roll with the punches and capture places of your own.

While I have an initial draw to his games because of the art I've found (outside of #Empires of the Void II) that I don't have a strong desire to pick any of them up.