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Zombie Fluxx Reviews

Zombie Fluxx has 78 reviews with an average rating of 2.49 / 5.

Rating Summary (78 Total)


Well, I got sucked into playing a Fluxx game again. It was new people to our game group, after playing a nice intro game of Ticket to Ride, I was looking for another 5 player game and they pulled this one out, to not be rude, I sat down and we all played. Yep, it's still fluxx. And I think they saw it on my face. Unfortunately because I couldn't find a different 5 player game fast enough, I don't think they are showing up again.


by paka

Just fun pass-time. Creeper?


Dislike how it can be 5 minutes or 2 hours. However it has its place and I don't mind playing it with new people. However with more experienced people I'd prefer other games.


My favorite of the Fluxx games. Still simple and light, but there's a bit more depth than the other variants.


Creepers just make the game slog...


love Fluxx, but i have no real fondness for the zombie theme; althought Fluxx's implementation of the zombie theme works


I played the original Fluxx sometime in 2007 and loved it. Fast, although quite random, fun game and easy to learn for beginners. Bought this, it's awful. The Creepers system doesn't add anything fun to the game, it just makes it longer and boring. I don't care to win, I just want it to end. I will, however, play it again with someone who really loves Fluxx. If they enjoy the game and have fun, I'll survive.


All the rule changes are hard to follow and suck out all the strategy.


More Fluxx, but ever so slightly better IMO


In the wood Zombie Fluxx box.