Jungle Speed board game
Jungle Speed board game

Jungle Speed

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Your keen eye and swift hand can win the day? If you can stop laughing long enough to catch your breath! Jungle Speed is a dexterity game for two to ten players that seems simple enough, and everyone will be playing minutes after you open the box. Once you start playing though, the chaotic action takes all your concentration. Each turn, you'll flip over a card from the top of your deck. If the symbol on your card matches another player's card, you both grab for the totem. The loser must take the winner's cards into his own stack! Be careful though: if you grab the totem at the wrong time, you take everyone's face-up cards into your hand!

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  • In general speed games are not my cup of tea. However there's just something about this game that gives me flashbacks of playing Spoons as a teenager. We laughed a lot during this game and it made for a very enjoyable experience (almost like a party game.) It bears a very strong resemblance to Snorta, which is a game we enjoy a lot. However it drops the memory element from Snorta, so it works better for certain players who struggle with memory mechanisms in games.The big problem I had with the game was some ambiguity in the rules. After getting some clarification from other BGG users I tried the game again. Still this game seems like a game that's just missing a little something. If not for the memory element I would say that Snorta is easily the better game. I feel this way because grabbing for the same object can create injuries and some nasty battles. It's just not something I look for in games. I don't hate this game, but it will only be brought out in select situations.
  • --Dec2015-- The first time I'd played, my kids were young - and I couldn't imagine it working for them (even allowing for how well it worked for the twenty-something folk with whom I'd played.) Now my youngest is 13 - and it turns out the game works wonderfully for him and his sister. And, as a consequence, I like the game better too!
  • Dang color blind problem - but I want to like this game. I still play it - even though I'm terrible at it. It's more of a pure family/kids game in every way. Frantic, grabby, speedy fun. So I like it even though the color problem hampers a full experience.
  • A LOT better than Dutch Blitz, Set and Uno, to which Jungle Speed is somewhat similar. The rules are a little fiddly for a simple party game.

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