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Wavelength board game


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  • I rest my journey to find the perfect party game. This is the one, thank lord
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  • One of the greatest party games.
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The heaviest game I have is definitely #Dune, probably followed by #Underwater Cities. The lightest game would be one of the party games... Maybe #Wavelength?

The highest ranked game I have according to BGA is #Wingspan at #4, and the highest according to BGG is #7 Wonders Duel at #16.

Ohhh I like this question Phil!

I think I would go for three categories: Party, Games I play with my wife, and Heavy

This comes out to $189 retail, but I think it give a wide range of games to play, my only gap would be a game for when we have couples over to play games with us. Something like Quacks or Carcassone would fill that but I think this set up is a good place to start if I were to restart! I did strongly debate just doing a bunch of #Too Many Bones because I have been playing that quite a bit but decided against it since that would take my whole budget lolol. 

This is awesome. It's such a nice thought that some lucky people in our friendly community might get this monetary boost before Christmas, at a time when families everywhere are struggling. Really impressed and proud to be part of BGA right now.

Starting a hobby all over again... wow. I'd bag a couple of solid card games like #The Crew: The Quest for Planet Nine and #6 Nimmt!. Get a party game like #Wavelength, some co-op stuff with a lot of hours in it like #Pandemic Legacy: Season 1 and then some geeky solo stuff just for me... like #Pax Pamir (Second Edition).

All the out of print games I was keen in have been reprinted over the years... a few months ago I would have said #Chinatown but that came roaring back. That said, #Black Sonata is pretty hard to get these days.

Edit: BTW, had no idea BGP was yours. I use it all the time and I can't wait to see it integrated. Great stuff.

Thank you for the review! Very easy to read and follow along :)

I started seeing this game pop up here and there and without even knowing how it plays, it seemed like a cool concept. Looks fun and I might consider grabbing this one for the family at some point. Then again, I'm already considering #Colt Express, #Flip Ships, and #Wavelength so maybe not haha

#Catacombs 3rd Edition and #Wavelength are both great! Still waiting to paly catacombs with more players but was great at just two

I have played the #Star Realms app and it was quite fun, although the screen on my phone was far too small to actually play it.

I am currently torn on the thinking for this. I feel like in the past you all have bee doing the "hotness" givaways. What just came out, what are people wanting, but right now there seems to be a lull in releases? At least from what I can tell. I feel like the giveaways have cattered to a mid-level gamer, so to maybe expand your reach you could look into a lighter game ( #Wavelength , #Catacombs 3rd Edition ) or some heavier games ( #Barrage , #Great Western Trail , #Brass: Birmingham). These are obviously just some ideas but I am looking at the overarching goal of the giveaways!

Dont get me wrong, I would be thrilled to win again, I would probably pick up #Gloomhaven: Jaws of the Lion or I would go with some smaller approachable games like #Wavelength #The Crew: The Quest for Planet Nine, or even #Tichu.

Got some new games in this weekend!

  • #Wavelength - super fun, very quick and we did not play a competitive game but I like that it feels fresh. 
  • #The Crew: The Quest for Planet Nine - I Really enjoyed this...nice little puzzle and it is a refreshing take on a classic system. 
  • #Bus - Really enjoying this one, played at 5-players. Might be on the edge of what is ideal, so far I have enjoyed it at 4. 
  • #Brass: Birmingham - Solo with Mautoma as mentioned!
  • #Aeon's End: Legacy with the wife, we finally lost a scenario. We are definitely not veterans of the game but we are still enjoying ourselves a lot!

Probably the wrong thread, but I am really looking forward to trying out a few new games this weekend. Its going to be a long cabin weekend with some questionable weather, and so I will be playing a few new lighter/party-style games for the first time. The list includes #Wavelength, #The Resistance, as well as some old favorites in #Monikers, #Sushi Go Party!, and #The Mind

#Wavelength is great, leads to some hilarious moments of trying to get inside someone's head and massively overthinking it! Also, you occasionally learn and interesting thing or two about your friends.

Again, lots of #Spirit Island solo - I will move the difficulty up as soon as I try all the spirits. I loved the Ocean's Hungry Grasp as it changes the decision space considerably.

Other than that, some
#Wavelength with friends (a superb party game, now that friends' visits are allowed), and one 2p game of #Railroad Ink: Deep Blue Edition

I didn't have much time for games this week, but it should be better now!