Brass: Lancashire board game
Brass: Lancashire board game

Brass: Lancashire

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Brass is set in Lancashire, England in the 18th Century. The world is about to change from Medieval to Modern - also known as the Industrial Revolution. Can you take advantage of this time of transformation? What strategy will you follow? Build cotton mills? Develop new technologies? Dig canals? Produce coal, or maybe steel? There is no simple answer and the opportunities that arise will be different in each game you play as you move through the Canal and Railway periods, making the best return you can from your investments - just in time to snatch the next opportunity from under the noses of your rivals.

Brass is a tactical game in which you need to ensure that the industries you create are sustainable, making Brass unique and endlessly fascinating. It's an excellent game for experienced and dedicated game players as well as those interested in strategic multi-layered games of history.



Brass: Lancashire features a tweaked rule set and balance, improved 2 & 3 player rules that provide an experience more consistent with four players, new high quality components including four player mats. 



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  • Deluxe Edition. There's so much I want to like about this game, but the graphic design and many rules exceptions really trip up players and undermine the smoothness of play.Traded BGG 2019 Math Trade
  • I initially found it dull and too chaotic for a Wallace brain-burner, but Brass has grown on me after a few plays.
  • Fine economic game from Martin Wallace, set in England (Lancashire) at the dawn of the industrial revolution.I am very impressed with the game. Its economic model is pretty advanced, the rules need a bit of wrapping one's head around (but quickly become clear when playing), there is plenty of strategy and a strong feeling of history (which, to me, really makes the game stand out when compared to some of the more generic economic games on the market). The game also moves along quickly.For me, the best game from Essen 2007 of the ones I have tried.
  • --Dec2007-- Gift from children #2 & #3. Wow: they've really got good taste in games. To think I only gave them _Chateau Roquefort_ and _Schloss Schlotterstein_ respectively. I think I got the better of the deal.--Jan2008-- Taken out for a spin; the decision space of the game is still pretty overwhelming, but I definitely enjoyed the experience. It looks like a good solid 8 at this point, with some chance of attaining a 9 if I were able to play it regularly.
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No games last week. I was the lead in a play that was being put on this past weekend, so there wasn't any time for games. Now that the show is over, my hunger to play has only increased. #Brass: Lancashire, #Oceans and #Hansa Teutonica are on the agenda!

#Brass: Birmingham. I've played it three times, all using other players' copies. I've enjoyed it thoroughly every time. I just bought #Brass: Lancashire, which is arriving Thursday, and I'm curious to see how different they are. 

Glad you enjoyed it!  It's definitely one of my favourites along with #Brass: Lancashire.  

Great review. We are big fans of both versions of Brass. #Brass: Lancashire has an awesome 2 player community variant included in the rules that plays faster than Birmingham. It's definitely more interactive and much tighter though, so fair warning! 

Have you played #Brass: Lancashire?  If so did you like one more than the other?

If you want an unusual board definitely check out #Tzolk'in: The Mayan Calendar!

#Five Tribes could be considered modular but it's really a big set of tiles.

My favourite game boards belong to #Brass: Birmingham, #Brass: Lancashire, and #Scythe (Modular or regular.)

Nice choices!  My top game art would be:

1) #Brass: Birmingham and #Brass: Lancashire: I fell in love with it when I saw it in the kickstarter.  One of the few times I was sold on something other than the game.  Luckily they are amazing games too!

2) #Scythe Jostles with Brass for 1 & 2 regularly.  I find the art really draws me in to the game and helps the game context make a lot more sense for me.

3) #Forbidden Stars From the box down to the lowliest Ork Boy this game exudes Warhammer 40K.  

4) #Teotihuacan: City of Gods I just find this game gorgeous end to end.  It can be a tad busy initially but the artwork is great.

5) #Kingdomino The art isn't epic or anything but it is simple yet varied enough to fit the game perfectly.  I couldn't imagine any other art with this game.


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