Apples to Apples board game
Apples to Apples board game

Apples to Apples

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Matching games and word games are popular games for kids on game night. Apples to Apples is the ideal card game when you're looking for a family game that everyone can play. It's the challenging and enjoyable party game that has everyone comparing red apple cards and green apple cards. You'll get creative and a little silly, too, trying to convince the judge your card is the best match. For fun games, Apples to Apples will keep you thinking, guessing and laughing for hours.

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  • Can be fun depending on your group. Have some good memories playing this game.
  • I really hate playing this with my brother because he tries to play strategically instead of honestly. Although I'm bored with the game either way, playing like that completely ruins it.
  • Fun game with right crowd. I find the pandering to the judge somewhat too variable.
  • Always play that EVERYONE gets to contribute a card each round and this is a good party game. It's light, and extremely quick so it doesn't get boring. The fun is simply in hearing the answers and seeing what players will pick. If you are overly concerned with winning, though, you will get annoyed with the game. My biggest problem is that you can go through quite a number of cards in each game, so you will frequently see familiar cards that you have played with already. The replayability is a bit low for me.

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This is so tough... some of these I could swap between 2-3 different games at any point!!

I agree with what people have said so far.  Social deduction, any game that is "mean" or has lots of "take that" to it, definitely.  Also humor can be a weird defining factor.  I have a few specific examples of this that stand out in my mind. 

  • Personally, I can't play #Cards Against Humanity.  I know taboo is supposed to make things edgy funny, but I feel like there are some things in that deck that just shouldn't be laughed at. 
  • I played the game of #Things... with one group several times and we all thought it was hilarious.  Then brought it to another group and it completely fell flat.  I tried making the same types of jokes as before and no one could see why it was funny.  
  • Oddly enough, #Apples to Apples was another one that had something like this happen.  My family tried to bring it to an extended family gathering because we thought it was a no-brainer.  Very simple premise, easy to understand, will be great with a bunch of non-gamers.  They played it straight literal the whole time.  It was terrible.  We'd try putting something weird in there or pandering to the judge and no one understood what we were trying to do. 

So yeah, if it can happen with something as basic as Apples to Apples, apparently the right sense of humor is very important in gameplay haha. 

Another game that comes to mind is one I've mentioned a few times here before.  #Once Upon a Time: The Storytelling Card Game you have to have kind of a gentlemen's agreement with the other players about not spamming your cards trying super hard to "win" the game.  (The rules do specifically say not to do this, but its kind of up to the group to say what playing your cards too fast is.)  This is definitely a game that's more about the journey than the end result. 

When I first heard about it, it was described as a picture only version of#Apples to Apples and I quickly dismissed it, however I played it a couple months ago and really enjoyed it!


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