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High Society board game

High Society

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It is one thing to be the richest family on the block, it is quite another to flaunt it successfully. High Society pits you against your neighbors in a race to reveal the most blue-blooded family in your midst. To win, you must acquire all the trappings of great wealth, avoid as many pitfalls as you can and still walk away with a huge pile of cash at the end of it all. This Reiner Knizia classic makes a great travel game and an easy one to introduce to friends and family.

Originally published in 1995, High Society gained sufficient popularity to see it through 3 re-prints but none of them as beautiful as the latest FRED Edition. Artist Paul Niemeyer has done an outstanding job creating a theme to reflect the most elite fineries of the Gilded Age, combined with FREDs commitment to quality components and card stocks, this edition of High Society will stand as the pinnacle of its production.

For 3-5 players over 10 years old, this 30-45 minute game can be played as a light filler between longer games, but to be honest with you, this one is very hard to put back in the box! The cards tells an exciting story and feature beautiful artwork from well-known Eagle Games artist Paul Niemeyer.

Game Summary: Players bid against each other to acquire the various trappings of wealth, namely the ten luxury possession (positive-number) and three 2X multiplier cards; while avoiding its pitfalls represented by three cards altogether, including the gambling (-5) card; the thief (lose a possession) card; and the calamitous fire (lose one half the value of all your possession cards) card. While bidding, though, players must keep an eye on their remaining cash. At the end of the game, even though all those positive-number cards might add up to a win, the player with the least money is not even considered for victory.

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  • Every once in awhile I play an older game that is new to me and think "Why in the world did I wait so long to try that?" That is the case with High Society. The gameplay is remarkably simple, but the twist in the scoring just adds so much intrigue. I love the "most corrupt player loses" mechanism in Cleopatra & the Society of Architects, so I really shouldn't have been surprised that the "poorest player loses" mechanism is a hit for me too. It gives you so much to think about in every single auction and, unless you have a perfect memory, it always seems surprising when you see who spent the most or realize how much more you could have spent.I've heard a number of people compare this game to For Sale because they are both quick auction games. However I have a feeling that this one might be my preferance between the 2. It seems to play even faster, which is a bonus because people will often ask to play again. But what really makes High Society shine for me is the variable end game. Since no one really knows when the game will end, every single auction is a challenge. Just a classic game that I think everyone should try at least once.
  • Knizia bidding game. Reminiscent of his other pseudo-abstract bidding games such as Medici and Modern Art, but simpler, lighter and faster and an excellent filler. As a filler, easily a '9' so my rating reflects my gaming preferences more than anything.
  • 2013-04-22 : Half an hour of bluff and merriment, what more could you ask from a gamenight closer game ?
  • --Aug2004-- Game won by my son & his friend at KublaCon... Really fine little bid & bluff game. Plays quickly, easy to teach; great filler.++ >10 unlogged plays ++
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I second #Diamonds and #6 Nimmt! 

I would also recommend:

  1. #The Fox in the Forest
  2. #Bohnanza
  3. #Silver & Gold
  4. #Arboretum
  5. #High Society
  6. #Point Salad
  7. #For Sale
  8. #Love Letter
  9. #The Mind
  10. #12 Days
  11. #Sushi Go Party!
  12. #The Crew: The Quest for Planet Nine (Maybe an Honorable Mention - depending on how you want to count the component list)

As you can see I love card games ;)

Had a Saturday game session so got quite a few games in:

  • High Society: First play of this game.  It was quite fun!  It's short and definitely requires an ability to read people and predict future game states.  I'd definitely play it again!
  • Terraforming Mars: One of my favourites.  Last time we played we put in all the expansions and found it a bit much.  This time we pulled out Venus and everything to do with floaters.  The game was a lot smoother and focused to my mind.  I think we'll put back in the World Council bump to speed it up a bit as the game still took quite a while.
  • Western Legends: First play of this one for me.  I quite enjoyed it!  People were comparing it to Merchants and Marauders but I definitely prefer Western Legends.  The different uses of cards are great and the wanted vs Marshal points were great at creating conflict that made sense.  Now that I've gone through a game and seen it end to end I'm intrigued to get another crack at it.
  • Heaven & Ale: I wasn't sure what this one was going to be like.  I got a very good price on it used mostly because I'd heard good things about it.  We only played it two players but I think this was my favourite new game of the night!  It was super tight and it was always a scramble to find some more money to take an action you wanted to take further down the track.  Deciding when to trigger a given set of tiles was amazing.  I need money now but if I can trigger those tiles in 2 turns I'll get a lot more.  How do I make that happen?   This one I want to get to the table with more players ASAP!
  • Tiny Towns:  I've played this one quite a bit.  It's a good one to bring out when you have 30 minutes left at the end of the night.  Enjoyed it a lot as always.  It was just as fun at two players as it was at more.  (It's a bit meaner at 2 because you can easily see what the other player is going for and try to screw with them.)

Pretty good week for me!  


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