My City board game
My City board game

My City

My City is a competitive legacy game in which you develop a city on your own playing board through the ages.

The game consists of 24 episodes, beginning with the development of a city in its early preindustrial stages and progressing through industrialization. During each game, players customize their experience by adding elements to their personal boards and adding cards to the game. Players' choices and action made during one session of gameplay carry over into the next session, creating a personalized gaming experience.

For players who do not want to experience My City as a legacy game, a double-sided game board offers an alternate set-up for repeatable play (some elements from the legacy experience are needed for the repeatable play game, players can unlock these elements by playing through the first 4 episodes).

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    I think #My City would be a legacy game I'd actually enjoy. Typically I don't like them as ideas due to them seemingly being one time plays. Plus I think I could reasonably get my fiancée to try it out with me. Is your SO a gamer? If not (but really either way lol), how do they like it?

    Huh, I've seen stuff about #My City before but never been too drawn to it. How many players are you playing it with?

    I like the idea of highlighting a specific mechanic or type of game. It can then be followed up with some of the prominent games in that vein or genre. It doesn't need to be a top 10 list like is so often done and super subjective, but more of an awareness of games that can encompass oldies for new people to the hobby but also some deep cuts and heavy games for the experience board gamer. 

    My favorite game at the moment is #My City. I have been having a really good time with its relatively light ruleset and setup. We only have 2 chapters left before the end (8 Chapters in the game total, 3 plays in each chapter), but it has been a fantastic mid-weight legacy game to cap an evening off with. 

    Only played 2 games last week, busy week, #My City, which we finished the last game of the campaign, and Strike, which we played about 14 games of as it's often over in a minute or two...but still lots of dice chucking fun.

    Looking forward to the weeks ahead though...Just got in, #Pandemic Legacy: Season 0, #Unlock! Star Wars, #T.I.M.E. Stories: Revolution - A Midsummer's Night, #The Lord of the Rings, the aniversary edition, #Tekhenu: Obelisk of the Sun, #Wingspan: Oceania Expansion, #The Game: Are you ready to play the Game?, #Ohanami and finally #Etherfields


    So I am going to be a bit to play


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