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  • The sheer number of cards and different ways to combine them give this game near unlimited replay value. But the bad thing about having so many cards is they are always adding new abilities and it costs money to keep up. If you're playing with cards you're not familiar with it slows gameplay way down so I really just like to play this with the old sets of cards that I'm familiar with.
  • I like it, though it's a rabbit hole of a hobby
  • One of the best games, if not *the* best game I have ever played. The number of cards allows for extraordinary variety, gameplay is tense, exciting and shock full of gutwrenching decisions. Various deck styles allowing for aggresive, defensive play, decks bent on locking up the opponent's game or take him out with a well-thought-out combo all contribute to an incredible rich game. And the higher the level you play at, the better the game gets. Not for the faint of heart of course...
  • the rare game that you can get burned out on, take a 10 year break and get back into with another 10,000 new cards. I only play forge on pc and it is highly addictive. Sealed deck and booster draft with full pool of 40,000 cards is constantly entertaining. There is absolutely nothing that can come close to matching the sheer amount of entertainment and variability this game offers in a two player format. And it hasn’t cost me a dime. The only real negative I can give it is getting too much or too little land. But for this I have a battle box of 600 Proxy cards carefully picked for fun and we start with 10 lands. I play at least one or two 7 player gauntlets in booster draft per day, so that’s at least 50 duels a day. It’s so good on forge, using all the cards, I deleted magic arena because of the incredible boredom of playing the same predictable and broken decks over and over again online. Everyone just copies what everyone else is doing . Power Deck building kills this game and if that where the only way I could play it, the rating would go down to 5.
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I play tooons of #Star Realms with my partner. The app is exceptional. if anyone wants to play, I can post my account name :D 

I've also been starting to play quite a bit of #Marvel Champions: The Card Game. I really like it! I'm always looking for a game to replace that #Magic: The Gathering card-fiddling feel. But without the need for $20 cards!

I've also got my nieces for the weekend, so I plan to show them #Ghost Blitz, #The Quest for El Dorado, and #Survive: Escape From Atlantis!


    The best overall design: #Concordia, #Ra, #The Castles of Burgundy#El Grande

    Your best memories: #Vs. System

    Best cover art: Anything by Vincent Dutrait and #Rococo

    The best euro: See best overall design

    The best quick game (30m or less): #Ghost Stories

    The most fun you can have with your clothes on: #Telestrations

    The first game you loved: #Magic: The Gathering

    The best game you can fit in your pocket: #Parade or #Claim

    The most immersive experience: #Tales of the Arabian Nights

    Your most played game: #Legendary: A Marvel Deck Building Game

    Your favorite component: tower from #Amerigo or gears from #Tzolk'in: The Mayan Calendar

#Magic: The Gathering . I'm new to it, what's the name of the good-guy human deck again? Light deck or something? Anyways, I hate that pacifist card. There seems to be so many in the beginners deck. When place on a fighter, that fighter can't block, attack, or tap. And you can almost never get rid of card. I hate it.

Ahh Candy Land, the ultimate gateway game haha.

#Magic: The Gathering seems really cool, I've never played it but I've had a lot of friends who were into it as well. It's cool that you got to play in tournaments! I relate on #Catan for sure - honestly it was probably what turned me away from board games for a long time, but in retrospect I think some of it had to do with the groups I played with in the past. Much better experiences more recently.

#Candy Land


Just kidding.  I played #Magic: The Gathering since 1994 and played in several tournaments and had a lot of fun with that.  I didn't dable in boardgames too much until one day I was at my brother's and he introduced us to #Dominion: Second Edition.  I really liked it and that set me off on chasing board games.  I'd played #Catan but didn't really like it.  It was really Dominion that sold me on boardgames being fun.  

I used to play #Magic: The Gathering for about 3 years and enjoyed it a lot but really only had 1 or 2 friends I could play with and over time played less and less. I ended up getting #Sheriff of Nottingham for my brother for Christmas one year and later played #Dominion: Second Edition and started to see how board games give a lot of the same feelings as MTG but I can actually play with most of my friends in some capacity. Plus financially I get a lot more for the same price I'd spend on a couple cards.

#Dice Throne: Season 2 - Gunslinger vs. Samurai was the first kickstarter I ever backed and although the art and production quality was fantastic, the gameplay was just fine. It felt like a mash up of #Magic: The Gathering and #Last Stand and I'd rather just play one of those instead.

It was about 35 purchases in (which was at the 4 month mark or something??) I had been playing #Magic: The Gathering for years and loved the strategy and variety in the game play. However I kept running into the issue that I only had 1 friend who'd play with me and we often had conflicting schedules so for a long time I would just buy cards and watch videos to enjoy the hobby which wasn't that enjoyable.

Once I stumbled into board gaming I realized I was getting a lot of the same feelings of enjoyment but it was a hobby that I could share with nearly all my friends (as long as I picked the right kind of game) and that I was getting so much more from each purchase. It's been a fun journey and my buying habits have certainly slowed down but still worth it in any regard!

I do feel myself slipping into a new type of "uh oh" moment with upgrades.... #Iron Clays (200)

I can see that being true, especially games that require you to build a deck ahed of the game like #Magic: The Gathering , as these take a lot of commitment.

That said, to make it more palitable you just have to increase the ability for cards to gel well together, so that most combinations will let players do some cool things and that easing people in. Obviously some people might be much better at planning a strategy and still win, but that can happen in almost any board game. The key I think is to make being rubbish at the game a fun experience so that people keep playing enough to learn those strategies.

#Splendor take up too much space for us to take generally.   Probably the same for #7 Wonders Duel#Cat Lady and #Welcome to... and #The Fox in the Forest I like in general.  They are smaller boxes which would be good for packing.  I would personally bring #Cartographers: A Roll Player Tale, #Innovation, #Friday, #Tiny Epic Dinosaurs, #Love Letter, and probably a couple of #Magic: The Gathering decks.  

Some of my moments have been

  • When my wife was the one who initiated to play a board game.
  • Playing #Viticulture: Essential Edition with friends and then each week playing it again and again getting more competitive
  • Playing #Magic: The Gathering at Grand Prix Las Vegas. What a weekend! It was such a blast.
  • Playing #Spyfall with my house church group (12 people from my church that meets weekly) over Zoom. It felt like a game that really shined over Zoom rather than felt hindered by doing it online.
  • Starting and getting consumed by #Gloomhaven with my wife for several weeks!

I really didn't think I would have so many, as a lot of my games collection is curated to appeal to the four people I can actually play with regularly, which includes a 5-year-old and a 7-year-old. But here's my list:

  1. #Wingspan
  2. #Pandemic
  3. #Carcassonne
  4. #7 Wonders Duel
  5. #Santorini
  6. #Catan
  7. #Kingdomino
  8. #King of Tokyo
  9. #Forbidden Island
  10. #Clank!
  11. #Coup
  12. #Sushi Go!
  13. #Ticket to Ride: Europe
  14. #Dixit
  15. #The Resistance
  16. #Takenoko
  17. #Mysterium
  18. #Stone Age
  19. #Hive
  20. #Magic: The Gathering

I have:

  1. #Azul
  2. #Terraforming Mars
  3. #Codenames
  4. #Pandemic
  5. #Pandemic Legacy: Season 1
  6. #Catan
  7. #Great Western Trail
  8. #King of Tokyo
  9. #Dead of Winter: A Crossroads Game
  10. #Architects of the West Kingdom
  11. #Coup
  12. #Raiders of the North Sea
  13. #Lost Cities
  14. #Hanabi
  15. #Hive
  16. #Eldritch Horror
  17. #Magic: The Gathering (I have some decks somewhere in my family home from when I was a kid)

Wow, that is more than I expected when I started making the list, maybe I am spending too much time on here and influencing the list too much! 😄

We could play it sometime but it feels like a mashup of Magic the Gathering and Last Stand. I'd rather just play one of those games, haha.

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