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Onitama board game


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Onitama Board Game

An Elegant and Simple Game of Martial Tactics

Carved into the crags of the mist-shrouded mountains of ancient Japan lies the Shrine of Onitama. It is a place of enlightenment and skill, a site dedicated to the spirits that guide the Schools of Martial Arts across the land.

Onitama is a two-player abstract strategy game where you take on the role of a Master, guiding your monk followers, in an attempt to defeat your opponent. Armed only with several moves, your wit, and cunning, do you have the skill to be victorious?

With multiple moves to make every game unique, the speed, the grace, and the unique play style of Onitama truly makes this an essential game for any gamer’s collection!

Multiple Paths to Victory

There are two methods to achieve victory in Onitama. The first is to capture your opponent’s Master, by landing on it with any of your pieces. The second is to move your Master across the board into your opponent’s Temple Arch space.

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  • Feel really thematic as the way cards change side resemble the back and forth in fighting well. Problem is I don't feel tactical playing this, this is more a "who can calculate all the moves and see ahead the furthest possible". Weird how a game with so limited option can get people into that much AP
  • --Jul2014-- Cool little abstract: fast; sensible; replayable. I like it.
  • Addicting little nugget on the app. Have also played over TTS and had a good time. As good a bite-sized abstract as you can get.
  • This is a great little open-information strategy game. Easy to learn and fast-playing.
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2nd the Santorini suggestion.  If you want a chess lite game my go to has been #Onitama which is roughly the same weight and game length as Santorini.  Its super simple has a ton of replayability. 

I think my fiancée would bounce off it pretty hard but I too would love to try #Onitama. If I had to add something to the list, I think it would be #Mandala or #Azul. Both are great abstracts in my opinion.

Nice list! I think #Onitama would be something I'd like. I also just saw #Zendo for the first time on a list of "top 10 games every board game designer needs to play".

Despite coming from plenty of abstract game background, the first few plays of #Onitama app made me experience some true analysis paralysis haha

In general, I'm not great at making the most efficient engine in any engine building games (at least, not in comparison to some really great players), so that's already more than half of the games in my collection. But I sure love it and find that process fun :)

Oh that's awesome! Yeah I had a friend buy #Root a while back, which, to be fair, I was not going to buy, but really wanted to try out, and another buy #Terraforming Mars as I mentioned, and still another friend buy #Onitama, which I've since tried and enjoyed, and #Paladins of the West Kingdom, which I have not yet tried but would really like to try. Pretty nice! There's also #Mystic Market, which I hadn't heard of, but my friend is super excited about, so why not!

Also I think #Onitama is such an elegant game but I am so bad at it!

I think for me (so far), it's got to be #Root. I've only played it once so far, but I thought it was really neat, and I'd like to try again, both with the same faction and other factions.

Other games my friends own that I have not tried yet and am really looking forward to playing:

I think I definitely have a plateau in those kind of games, I can plan a few moves ahead and have contingencies. But the long-term strategy of a whole game tends to allude me.

Have you ever tried #Onitama? That has a wonderful twist of you handing your opponent their next possible moves which I really struggle to plan for beyond the immediate couple of turns