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Grow your economic reach and gather followers in this bag-building game. A game for 2 to 4 players. In medieval Orleans, you will gather followers, establish trade stations, and collect goods and money to gain supremacy. This is a bag building game with many paths to victory and huge replay ability.

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  • It's incredible that such an ugly cover can hold such a great game.So glad a friend bought this. Hugely variable in strategies but always interesting. I've seen multiple vastly different plans win thanks to the empowering set of buildings and the multitude of scoring opportunities. Problems: Setup is too long, and the (essential) expansion improves the game but makes you flip through the rulebook even more for the new buildings and events. A consolidated compendium of buildings/events/scoring rules across expansions would be nice. Would also prefer a scoring track on the board to avoid having everyone pull out their phone calculator.
  • Great mechanics! And yet, somehow, someway, very dull gameplay: don't believe the hype.
  • inkl. Erweiterung Invasion
  • I'm not going to lie when I first saw this game I felt overwhelmed, it looked a bit boring, etc. As it climbed in rank I had to put those thoughts aside and my-oh-my am I glad I watched the videos and gave it a shot and purchased it.PLAYED WITH INTRIGUE EXPANSION. We did not use the intrigue board, we find the devastation of dealing out intrigue to others off putting for the game. We did use the new Beneficial Deeds board and it makes a great difference. We won't use the original Beneficial Deeds board. The expansion version gives you much more use from the board that you actually feel the need to go there to get a bonus.The random workers add a tremendous touch to the strategy. The game ramps up very quick with 2 and 3 players. The simultaneous actions for most parts is great, speeding up play. All of the actions you can take are necessary even if you are not trying to go all the way up one track, you will still need to diversify your actions enough that you don't feel you're missing out on aspects of the game.You have to play this game!
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Well I just impulse bought a bundle for #Orléans on CoolStuffInc because it seemed like a really good price and the game is so highly acclaimed.

Alright here goes nothing..for simplicity sake, I left off the one's I've played either no games from or games that I didn't particularly enjoy.

Ted Alspach - #Suburbia

Antoine Bauza - #7 Wonders Duel

Bernd Brunnhofer - #Stone Age

Bruno Cathala - #Kingdomino

John D. Clair - #Mystic Vale

Rüdiger Dorn - #Karuba

Steve Finn - #Biblios

Stephan Feld - #The Castles of Burgundy

Friedemann Friese - #Fabled Fruit

Jacob Fryxelius - #Terraforming Mars

Mac Gerdts - #Concordia

Reiner Knizia - #Lost Cities

Michael Kiesling - #Azul

Vital Lacerda - #The Gallerist

Thomas Lehmann - #Res Arcana

Paulo Mori - #Rise of Augustus

Shem Phillips - #Paladins of the West Kingdom

Alexander Pfister - #Port Royal

Uwe Rosenberg - #Patchwork

Vladimír Suchý - #Underwater Cities

Reiner Stockhausen - #Orléans or #Altiplano..can't decide

Daniele Tascini - #Teotihuacan: City of Gods

Ignacy Trzewiczek - #Imperial Settlers


After all that, I can safely say I don't particularly care about designers haha. I was surprised I knew a couple of them off the top of my head.

I'm so new to the hobby that every game is new to me haha. But I absolutely hear what you're saying. The latest hotness sometimes just looks too good to pass up so the games you wanted from the past just fall by the wayside. Out of the games you mentioned, I only own #Orléans but definitely would recommend it. At this point for me though it's grown a little stale so I'll be looking to get the expansion to spice it up.

Fun question! And of course because I think about this stuff far too much, I was trying to think of what I'd have to kick out to make it work.

Top 5:

#Spirit Island - Honestly don't know how this isn't there already. I'll have to reassess my list

#Gloomhaven: Jaws of the Lion - If only we had more time to play and get past the tutorial. It's such a great game and there's nothing I dislike about it.

Dropping out would be #Mystic Vale and #Dominion: Second Edition which I'd be the most sad to see go. Both are great games but I think I could see myself liking the other 2 just a little bit more.

Top 10:

#Barrage - I've had a lot of fun with this one in just two plays so far but I could easily see it making the jump. So much more to explore!

#Concordia - I'm still sad we haven't played this since our anniversary weekend. I'll have to find a way to change that soon.

I'd need 3 to drop out to make way for the new editions and the 1 dropping from the top 5 (Spirit Island was already top 10 so that's just a swap there). I think I'd bank on: #Orléans but just barely, #Team Play and #Chinatown. I think the latter 2 would make the biggest drop. Not because they aren't fun but I've just got so many other games it's hard to keep them up there. 

Yep, want to pick this up even more now so thanks for that lol. Did you have to pick up the BGG upgraded bits? I've heard they're essential.

As far as bag building goes, I really like #Orléans and #Altiplano. Much different games from Quacks but have you played either?

I feel the same! It's so nice playing with just the two of us but I cannot wait to try out some of them at higher player counts. A great example for this for me is #Orléans. It's gotten a little stale so far just at 2

It was probably the worst during #Orléans when she started writing down a strategy immediately after we played...she still has notes on #Food Chain Magnate in the box somewhere LOL

She's played #The Gallerist with me. However, my answer to your question I think would be the heaviest game she actually enjoyed and would play again lol. That would be probably #Terraforming Mars. I would throw #Orléans and #Concordia on there but they're lighter than TfM I think...

That being said she did tolerate #Food Chain Magnate before our most recent game where I smoked her. Moral of the story is I need to learn how to throw games.

For me #Legendary: A Marvel Deck Building Game is at the top of the heap. If I had to do a top 5 I'd toss in these with no particular order: #Rococo: Deluxe Edition, #Orléans, #Aeon's End, and #Thunderstone Quest . 

I never really realized how many games that we own that utilize deck/bag building. We do have a few that need to get a few more plays in as well.


I think my favorite is#Dominion: Second Edition although#Orléans and#Altiplano are up there as well. I tend to think of Altiplano more as a deck builder vs Orléans because you have a discard space rather than having everything you used for your actions simply go back into your bag. I also own#Legendary: A Marvel Deck Building Game which gets a little same-y after awhile for me. I've played#Clank! A Deck-Building Adventure once and thought it was pretty good. Also like to try out#The Quest for El Dorado some day.

One of my favorit Mechanics.  I will acknowledge right away that I am not a fan of #Dominion: Second Edition.  I've played twice and it's kinda of just blah for me.  I prefer my deck builders to have a board and something else going on rather than a "pure" deckbulder.  Maybe had I started with Dominion instead of #Clank! A Deck-Building Adventure my opinion might be different.

My favorite deckbuilders

  1. The entire Clank Family.  I've listed previously that I own #Clank! A Deck-Building Adventure and two of its expansions.  I've played #Clank! In! Space! and that's a really great game as well.  One of my gaming groups had just started #Clank! Legacy: Acquisitions Incorporated before Covid and we haven't gotten back to that yet.  Maybe in November. 
  2. The Legendary family: I own #Legendary: A Marvel Deck Building Game but have heard really great things about #Legendary Encounters: An Alien Deck Building Game as it really depends on what theme you like more.  I did pick the #Legendary Marvel Deckbuilding Game: World War Hulk Expansion and enjoy playing with that as well, how can you not like playing with  more Hulks!!
  3. #The Quest for El Dorado is a really nice small deckbulider/race game.  My plays of that have been really fun and the feeling of looking at the board and figuring out what your deck needs to get through to the end is an enjoyable challange.
  4. #Aeon's End is really really good and currently on my wish list, though I'd probably put #Aeon's End: Legacy higher on the list. 
  5. #Thunderstone Quest is an different type of dungeon crawl than Clank! but still enjoyable.  So many expansions available with this one.  This and Aeon's End are very similar to Dominion so if are looking to branch out these are good options.
  6. #The Taverns of Tiefenthal is another fun deck builder that I've enjoyed my plays of
  7. The Centry Spice Road family.  Not my favorite game from the ones listed here but is a very enjoyable deck builder especially when you can get a nice little engine going. 
  8. #Great Western Trail has a minor deck building aspect that greatly influences how successful each of your trips to Kansas City is.  The number of times i've cursed when drawing new cows into my hand
  9. #Orléans is a bag builder vs a deck builder but gives you so many of the same feelings and angst that its worth including here.  Really enjoy.
  10. #Star Realms / #Hero Realms - only played on the app but its easy and each game gives you interesting choices on how to build your deck

Wish list includes:

  1. Aeon's End,
  2. Great Western Trail
  3. Orlean's

If looking for an exhaustive list of deck bulders here is a good link: list-deck-building-games

I like the #Orléans idea quite a bit. Might cause me to finally try some new strategies lol. If you have a playthrough of #Viticulture: Essential Edition somewhere too, I'd be interested to watch.

I have a complicated relationship with #Orléans too. The first time I played, I lost the entire baggy of chits in a pub. So determined was I to not squander the purchase that I ended up spending £45 on replacement tokens, only to play the game once or twice more and decide that the set-up isn't worth it and that I'm not a huge fan of tracks-on-tracks-on-tracks type games.