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    Played #Calico on Tabletopia recently, seems like a fun little puzzly game I should consider buying! #Jixia Academy at #4 puzzles me, with all the love that #Hanamikoji gets, I thought buying it would be a no brainer?

    1. #The Gallerist
    2. #Calico
    3. #The Fox in the Forest
    4. #Jixia Academy
    5. #Pinochle

    I was also taught and played #500 with some friends, but that game has some unintuitive rules.  I guess most traditional trick-taking games have some weird twists, but with that one in particular I had a hard time internalizing those oddities.  I like all of these games, and will tend to want to play the card games more often than the others, but overall, I think I enjoy puzzly, action-taking games a little more.

    I've gotten rid of a few, some because my wife didn't care for them and therefore they wouldn't get played, and some because, while we liked them, they never got picked over any other games in the collection.

    I also recently got #Jixia Academy and really like the mechanic of having to let your opponent chose. The game isn't our favourite but I do appreciate whenever a game makes me think differently to normal!


    Played a bunch when my wife and I first got it. We didn't have any primarily economic games, so this was a good addition to our set of games, particularly with the puzzly tile-laying part of it.  Had a lot of fun even though I lost 5 times in a row.

    #The Castles of Burgundy

    First time playing this one last week.  We played with 4 players and it was fun, but on a first game it felt too long to me.  I was ready for it to end after the third round.  The tile drafting didn't feel that fun for the full five rounds of the game, but that may just have been how it feels on a first play.  Looking forward to playing it again.

    #Jixia Academy

    Pretty interesting game that my wife and I are having good fun with.  Only a few games in, but it's definitely been fun trying to figure out how to get your opponent to pick what you want them to or to split the cards in a way that hedges you against whatever they pick.

    #Silver & Gold

    Fun lunchtime game.

    #The Quacks of Quedlinburg

    Played this again with 4 players and the Herb Witches expansion.  I find this game to be consistently fun.  Considering picking up a copy at some point for ourselves down the road.

    I did get one! I was finally able to try #Jixia Academy, so ill try to post something about that today!

    I did this recently with #Jixia Academy. I actually enjoyed that one but my wife hated it, and since it's a 2 player only game, it wasn't going to get a lot of plays around here, lol

    Got in games of #Jixia Academy and #13 Days: The Cuban Missile Crisis with my partner: Jixia academy is a new one for us, the aim is to get the majority of cards and as such 'support' of the various characters. It has a wonderful mechanic of whereby you pick a group of cards to be played but you opponent gets to decide who gets what making it feel very tricky to know what to play as you are both trying to second guess each other.

    13 days is still one of my all time favourite 2P games, never fails to be interesting and tactical with some really fun decisions.

    Haha, the only complete miss I've had so far have been smaller games, luckily. #Jixia Academy and #The Fox in the Forest. She really could not get into those at all, haha. Oh well! I actually gave #Jixia Academy to a friend who really liked it. Maybe his wife will enjoy it!