Air, Land, & Sea board game
Air, Land, & Sea board game

Air, Land, & Sea

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In Air, Land, & Sea, two players battle for control over each “theater” of war by playing Battle cards and strategically utilizing their special abilities to gain the advantage. Whoever controls the most theaters, claims victory points, and the player who scores 12 victory points first wins the war!

However, you do not have to continue a Battle to the very end. Sometimes, it may be best to withdraw in order to deny your opponent complete victory! In Air, Land, & Sea, a strategic withdraw may lose you the battle to ultimately win the war!

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  • It really makes you— feel— like you're fighting a three front war, with the added benefit of fitting neatly inside an extremely baggy pocket.
  • I like it but i need to play more people. If your opponent refuses to retreat the game can be too easy as you'll win in two turns.When you teach this you have to emphasize the importance of retreat.
  • World War II - The Mindgame. Despite its small stature, there's a lot of possibilities and clever card combinations available. While surrendering mid-round can sometimes feel a bit anticlimatic, this is a game where every move you make feels absolutely critical.
  • Great filler in the same realm as BatteLine - though I like this much better. Great thematic presence and wonderfully done.
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Haha, that's a bummer. I actually made up a print and play version of #Air, Land, & Sea that we haven't played yet, now that I think about it. Will have to give that a shot. It's so small that I never even notice it, haha.

Gotcha. My only 2 are #Air, Land, & Sea and #For Sale and that's literally only because we just got them. You need at least 3 I believe for For Sale so I'll likely try to bring it over to my parents for Thanksgiving. Air, Land, & Sea may never get played. She wasn't too big into it and I don't want to force her to play stuff just because

I wouldn't say a lot but I've done a couple. #Tiny Farms was one I printed out (and I'm pretty sure that's the only way it's available) and enjoyed quite a bit. Outside of that, we tried #Air, Land, & Sea and a few others. A friend of ours laminated a PnP copy of #Super-Skill Pinball: 4-Cade which has been fun.

My problem is I don't really have access to a printer except for at work. And then yeah the quality of normal paper is just eh when compared to the real games!

Seems like a fun little game. Gives me a similar vibe to #Air, Land, & Sea! Have you played that yet?

I voted for you being crazy ONLY because all of my recent purchases have gotten played. With the exception of course of stuff that's not to me as of yet due to KS or just purchasing it like yesterday..

I guess I still haven't opened or played#Air, Land, & Sea or#For Sale from my BGB Ghost Turkey.

I've been fortunate to have my fiancée to play games with even if she mostly hates me for it lol. Anything that needs a larger player count like For Sale would, we can bring to one of our parents house and they're usually down to try.

That's awesome! I actually printed up the PnP version of #Air, Land, & Sea, but I have yet to play it! I'll have to give it a go. #Biblios seems like a great game that I have debated buying on several occasions, but have never pulled the trigger.

had the best type of gaming this weekend: unexpected! Family stopped by and we played some games

  • #Codenames: Duet - still haven't won, it's so difficult
  • #Tiny Towns - Still having fun with this game, haven't even considered buying the expansions.
  • #For Sale - Still debating on the Kickstarter for this. It's one of the games I play the most that I down own
  • #The Agents - Finally got this to the table, not bad, need a few more plays
  • #Blurt!
  • #Dragon's Gold


and I wached the kids play:

#Caylus 1303 x1 (3 players / 1 total play) - First game. Brought it out at the wrong time, so it ended up being a rushed affair as people needed to get to bed. I still thoroughly enjoyed it and I certainly want to run it back. Lots of different elements and design choices that I noticed and could see the promise of, but they didn't get to shine under the circumstances.

#Root x 3 (2x 1 player | 1x 3 player / 16 total plays) - Still enjoying playing this solo. Definitely slowed down from the eight plays I had last week, but that was to be very expected haha. Also got to show it to two of my family members. They enjoyed it!

#Inis x1 (3 players / 8 total plays) - Played this right after the three-player game of Root. Definitely an odd play of this one. Still enjoyed it, but some player choices threw off the balance a bit. Nonetheless, I'd never turn this game down.

#Air, Land, & Sea x1 (3 total plays) - I. Am. So. Bad. At. This. Game. I have yet to register a point in three plays...


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