Now Boarding board game
Now Boarding board game

Now Boarding

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Now Boarding is a real-time cooperative game in which you work together to fly a fleet of airplanes. You must deliver all the passengers to their destinations before they get too angry — and new passengers are constantly arriving! Upgrade your plane to fly faster and carry more passengers to handle the load. The twist: All players take all their turns at the same time! This allows for clever hand-offs of passengers. It's a whole new level of pick-up-and-deliver game.

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  • Kickstarted!
  • Received from most recent Fowers KS. It feels like the real time elements may as well had not been there. The core mechanisms are strong enough, but I don't see this having a particularly long shelf life.
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Played #Now Boarding at 3 and 2 players. We found it quite easy at 2 players, so I'm considering handicapping us next time. Had a learning solo game of #Castle Itter and was impressed by how simple it is to learn. It's one of the best rulebooks I've ever seen. Also played a bunch of #6 Nimmt! which has never failed. It's probably the most convincing and reliable intro game there is besides #Codenames. Every single new player that has tried it, gamer or not, has had a raucous time with our group.


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