Twilight Struggle board game
Twilight Struggle board game

Twilight Struggle

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Twilight Struggle is a two-player game simulating the forty-five year dance of intrigue, prestige, and occasional flares of warfare between the Soviet Union and the United States. Twilight Struggle recreates the conflict between the most powerful nation states the world has ever known. The scope of the game covers the entire world as it was found in 1945. Players move units and exert influence in attempts to gain allies and control for their superpower.

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  • A deep game, but one I could never feel competitive at. My primary opponent was more experience, and lacking the understanding of the flow and utility of cards within the decks doomed me to perpetual loss.
  • Most overrated game here. Completely broken without house variants (not sure if this is fixed in v2), and too random for a game where each side HAS to make certain moves (both strategically and literally via mandatory event cards). Seems to play itself out after a couple games as well. I guess non-gamers would enjoy this as an intro to the genre, but there's just not enough here to recommend.
  • The first game I played took 2.5 hours of feverish play and trembling expectation. When we were finished, only one sip was missing from my beer bottle! I'd completely forgotten to drink it. This never, I mean NEVER happens to me. The game fully deserves its current No.1 position in every possible sense.EDIT: one year and 87 (IRL) games later, I'm still as enticed by Twilight Struggle as I was on the first day. That's what I call "money well-spent"!
  • Low-complexity card-driven wargame / euro'ish area-control game on the Cold War. Components are the usual GMT quality (which isn't really saying a lot), and there's about a page worth of errata (not clarifications, mind you!) already, including some really embarrasing ones. Despite this, the game looks cool and I am very eager to give it a try.I have generally shaken my head in frustration at the direction the card-driven line of games was going since my all-time favorite wargame, Hannibal: Generally longer, fiddlier and more complex from one game to the next. However, Twilight Struggle is definitely breaking that trend, and for that I am very grateful.I have now tried the game once and my first impression is "nice". Not the best game I've tried, but certainly entertaining. Our game clocked in a 4½ hours, but we might be able to shave about an hour off that with experience. After reading the rules, the game felt like it would be very abstract and area-control'ish, but in reality the theme felt rock solid and the game came across as much more of a regular wargame than I would have thought.My rating is of course extremely preliminary, but I can easily see it going up if the game holds up well to a few more plays.----Update: 8 years later. :-) The game still holds up fine, and the GMT deluxe edition is very, very nice...!
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I fell into this trap with #Twilight Struggle - the online version is really good and you can play with amazing players. I improved A LOT in a very short period. Now the problem is noone wants to play with me because I play way better than them. 

He is a social gamer, which is to say I would love to play games just the two of us, but he thinks its more fun with more people and I can rarely get him to play with just me.  (I bought #Twilight Struggle to see if I can get him to do that since its only 2p.)  I usually am the ones who goes crazy buying all the games and I was going to hold off on buying this one but he really liked it. 

And I can totally see people not liking it because its somewhat dry and there isn't much in the way of art.  Like, none I guess haha.  But its a slightly different set up each time and there are different end game bonuses and the game is really tight on time, like you don't have enough turns to do all the things you need to do, sort of like In the Year of the Dragon but not nearly as bad haha.

Nice list and interesting to compare.  Knowing that these are subjective by nature I hesitate to make much as far as conclusions just by looking at them. I did feel there were less weighty games on the BGA side as compared to BGG and Reddit and that heavier games were rated higher on those lists in general.  I have my own rubrik when it comes to assessing games and giving them a rating.  

I do use lists like this sometime in trying to find a new game to play.  I'll look for a popular game, look at the reviews, watch a playthrough of two, and ponder getting a game.  That being said there are certainly games that rank highly and fall outside the realm of games I'd pursue for one reason or another. #Twilight Struggle is a good example of this.  I played the game once with someone who bought it because it has bene on the list for so long.  I found the game to be too erratic and while the rules and theme make sense they did not resonate with me the way I think they might with others.  

I think overall I have a harder time ranking games as objectively as I can rank  I can drink a beer I don't prefer due to style or whatenot and rank it within its own categories.  I have a more challenging time doing that with games.  

The FOMO with Kickstarter has been deadly for my wallet. Ordered #In Too Deep, #Endless Winter: Paleoamericans, #Raid and #Oath: Chronicles of Empire and Exile

Just did a quick count, and with expansions I'm up to 25 games. Some are small and party, with a few more heavy like #Twilight Struggle

What about you?

Hahaha, excellent! I've heard it is significantly different and more directly confrontational than #Twilight Struggle

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