Plague Inc. The Board Game board game
Plague Inc. The Board Game board game

Plague Inc. The Board Game

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Plague Inc: The Board Game is a strategic game of infection, evolution and extinction based on the smash hit video game Plague Inc. with over 100 million players. Each player is a deadly disease, evolving unique symptoms to customise their pathogen as they compete against each other to infect cities across the globe and be the first to wipe out humanity! The engaging theme and intuitive game mechanics allow players to rapidly start the outbreak whilst the constantly changing world, advanced genetic tactics and contagious gameplay ensures repeat infections for years to come!

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  • Kickstarted! (Collector's Edition)Easy to learn and plays quick once everyone understands the rules. Play length for 5 players wasn't bad at all (played without the Event deck until everyone learned the game properly.)
  • Plague Inc surprised me. I had played the app quite a few times, but quickly grew tired of it, finding it random and repetitive. However, the same is not true for its board game adaptation. Players still apply traits to their bacteria/virus, but this process has been drastically refined. Where the original app had a daunting amount of upgrade paths, the board game only has four trait types; tranmission, climate resistance, infectivity, and lethality. Transmission and resistance traits have niche utility, but players will primarily focus on infectivity and lethality, and the two balance themselves incredibly. Infectivity is the clear early game focus, as they help your disease propagate throughout the globe, but soon your pool will diminish and you'll need to kill off a country in order to fully utilize your infectivity. This creates a nice narrative arc of spreading fast and then killing fast, but if a player commits too strongly either way they leave themselves open to risk. The area control mechanisms are simple, but add to the balance of infectivity and lethality. Surprisingly, this game is far better than the app ever was.

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1) I learn about Board Game Atlas because of the board game giveaway and I eventually love this sites!

2) I always love board games since I am 7th grade and it has been like few years ago since I am deep in love and bought a lot of board games!

3) My current top 3 games are #Plague Inc. The Board Game , it always stay for my top 1 game as I really love the mechanics of the games! My next games are #Star Realms: Frontiers , which is a deck building game and I really love the concept of the game especially fighting the boss cooperative! I even make my own factions and play with my gaming groups! The 3rd games I love are kind of more 2P games, it is #Shaolia: Warring States which releases like a year before, it requires a lot of strategic as well as some luck in the game to crush your opponent either by destroying their HP of castle or dominating with 18 Culture Points!


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