Fireteam Zero

2015 · 1 Players · 60 Minutes
Fireteam Zero board game
Fireteam Zero board game

In 1942, four soldiers vanished from the training program of the newly formed First Ranger Battalion, their names stricken from the roster. Chosen for their unique skills, they would fight in secret against terrifying supernatural enemies and overwhelming odds.

This is their story.

Each player will become a member of Fireteam Zero and commit acts of badassery in defense of humanity.

Fireteam Zero is a cooperative game for up to four players who must cut a path through an endless swarm of deadly monsters to defeat the ultimate evil behind them. Each player possesses a set of brutal combat skills that are represented by a deck of cards unique to that character. Play cards to devastate the creatures in your way, help your teammates survive the onslaught, or even reshape the tactical landscape with the proper application of explosive ordnance.

Face off against the Children of Typhon, the Infested, and the Fetch, each in their own Operation consisting of three Acts. Your heroes will increase in power as you progress through each Operation, but only skill will bring victory in the final confrontation.

1 Rulebook
1 Mission Briefings Book
8 Sector Tiles
1 Threat Track
5 Hero Figures
5 Hero Reference Cards
2 Specialist Figures
2 Specialist Reference Cards
39 Monster Figures
24 Twist Cards
128 Action Cards
24 Focus Cards
21 Objective Cards
55 Recon Cards
1 Lucky Coin
1 Start Player Token
1 Exit Point Token
1 Threat Token
12 Spawn Tokens
12 Standard Intel Tokens
13 Special Intel Tokens
6 Power Tokens
8 Attack Dice (Six-Sided, Custom)
1 Activation Die (Six-Sided, Custom)
1 Spawn Die (Twelve-Sided, Standard)




Year Published2015
Number of Players 1
Playtime 60 Minutes
Minimum Age 14
Mechanics Cooperative Play, Deck Building, Dice Rolling, Storytelling, Variable Player Powers
Categories Adventure, Fantasy, Fighting, Horror, Miniatures, World War II
Learning Complexity N/A[Vote]
Strategy Complexity N/A[Vote]
Official Site Official Website
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