Sagrada board game
Sagrada board game


As a skilled artisan, use tools-of-the-trade and careful planning to construct a stained glass window masterpiece in the Sagrada Familia. Gain prestige by adapting to the preferences of your fickle admirers, and, of course, by adding your own artistic flair while completing your glass masterpiece in Sagrada, a game of dice-drafting and window-crafting.

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  • I have the 5-6 player expansion as well as passion and life expansion
  • I don't like puzzle games: but Sagrada is surprisingly great! It's gotta be its looks: sooo pretty! Trust me, though: it's actually deeper than it might appear.EDIT: And with frequent play, it gets better and better!
  • It never clicked with either my family or work game groups. Too easy to break the rules, too difficult for others to detect. Beautiful production, however.
  • I really enjoy Sagrada; especially at higher player counts. Not only is it a very eye-catching abstract, but the game play is super intuitive. It does play somewhat solitaire-like, but the die drafting piece does make it feel interactive. I do wish there was more variability in bonus cards.
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Haven't played #Sagrada yet. Really like #Illusion. Such a fun, light, clever game!

Definitely heard of #Sagrada through recommendations, and I have a personal interest in #Mariposas... But the first time I've ever seen #Hadara is from your post haha. I've seen a few mentions of #Cryptid here and there.

It's awesome your secret santa got you something that you've been wanting for a while! Looks like you'll be plenty occupied for a while (:

Short answer - no lol.

Longer answer - it depends. They have minimum spends. Some people are waaay more generous than others. This person appears to be one of those. I will say for whatever it's worth that#Sagrada, the expansions for it, and#Illusion are the only games in shrink (unless you count the playing cards lol). The rest are used though they all appear to be barely played if at all. 

I actually was a little more generous this year than I was last year because I had extra money from my giveaway wins. I was going to make a post about what I got my various Secret Santa targets. Could still if anyone's interested.

Thanks! I'm most excited to try#Hadara I think. It's been on my wishlist for quite awhile. Outside of that,#Sagrada, and#Mariposas, I hadn't heard of the others so I just looked them all up :)

Based on my limited research, I also want to try#Cryptid with my parents when we go over for Thanksgiving

What a haul! I hope you enjoy them all! I'm personally chuckling at the Elf playing cards because... that's just goofy. I guess Elf is a Christmas classic now.

Besides #Sagrada, which one are you most excited for next?

Also... MAGNETS!

Had Veterans Day off, as did a couple members of my Monday game group, so we got together this afternoon and played.

  1. #Concordia - I ended up winning pretty easily.  Helps I scored 45 pts in cities and 44 in providences.  I really enjoy this and should put it on my xmas wish list.
  2. #Photosynthesis - I end up winning by 2 points as I was able to harvest a center tree and an outer ring tree on the final turn of the game.  Played 4 rounds which I think makes the game a bit long for my taste.
  3. #Ecos: First Continent - A new game for the other two. I had a nice come from behind victory as I was able to put into play a card that maximized the fact that we didn't have any oceans on the board, so I got 1 point for each tile in the landmass (24pts!)

Played 3 games of #Sagrada w/ my better half on Tuesday night and as usual she kicked my ass in 2 of the 3 games.  I would have won the 2nd game but I had 3 chances to roll something other than a 6 and rolled 3 straight 6's to leave a space open and cancel a couple other bonus's. 

And of course when you aren't playing games, you're an avid cereal box cutter! How does your wife like #Sagrada? I think my better half would enjoy it but we already have #Azul...they feel a little too similar for me.

1. I found BGA through a few board game Instagram people I follow. 

2. Probably 6 years. Started with #Catan #Ticket to Ride: Europe and #Munchkin Booty

3. My wife and I have played one of these three games almost every night since the pandemic started. #Kingdomino #Patchwork or #Sagrada

1) I think the perfect collections start with a variety of games that can appeal to a variety of audiences. However, it's important that they be games you enjoy, otherwise you won't want to play them. That said, I'd start with:

2) Two I've wanted for a while are #Ora et Labora and #Euphoria: Build a Better Dystopia. I've seen copies of those pop up at my FLGS, but they are always when i've spent my budget already and they are snatched up before I can get them.

#Downforce: Wild Ride Expansion with my two boys.  I ended up winning as they spent as much time trying to prevent the other from winning that I actually snuck in for the win. 

#Battleships with my youngest.  I hung on for the win in this one.  Came down to the wire.

Then had my normal Thursday game night and played 2 games of #Sagrada winning one/losing one.  Followed up with a game of #Arboretum for the first time in years.  Man I forgot just how much of a brain burner that game is.

I've mistaken M&M's for game components before. You know those clear stone/gem markers from #Sagrada? Well, if there are white M & M's on the table (from Valentine's Day), make sure you're paying attention to what you're idly putting in your mouth. hahaha