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+ Exosuit Commander Pack+ Fractures of TimePretty strong worker placement with a decent gimmick ("time travel"). Unfortunately, I don't feel the additional complexity added in regards to "loaning' resources is strong enough to compensate because ultimately it just makes the game longer. The worker placement selection on the main board is solid and tense, but it never quite synergizes as much as I like with worker actions on the personal boards. It's a fairly minor criticism, but one I can't quite put my finger on why it doesn't sing for me. While factions have a good amount of asymmetry it feels like the strongest strategy is to do dabble in all of the scoring conditions - I'm not sure you can succeed by completely ignoring one facet to heavily focus on another - but obviously need more plays to see if that is an actuality. Overall, I quite like the game, the components are nice, especially with the mech upgrade pack and the game is relatively affordable. Variants/modules included didn't seem particularly interesting, however.


Anachrony is a planning nightmare. A small misstep in planning can have huge downstream ramifications, and players are highly encouraged to plan with precision, which makes the game inexorably longer than is warranted. The elements of workforce management and the weighing the costs of mech deployment are interesting, but needing to lock in your exact number of mechs at the outset of each round is an unnecessary constraint that makes the game excessively rigid. More over, the individual action spaces are uninspired, provided incremental gains, which makes progress feel plodding. The post-impact action modifiers, however are much more exciting, and I would have enjoyed to see them each and every round, rather than exclusively in the end game. The warp mechanic, while again interesting, feels tangential; bloating the design rather than enhancing it. While Anachrony has some novel ideas, its ultimately just a lot of small systems woven into an overly complicated and rigid game.


The game is so good!


Jeff owns this one.


Anachrony is a worker-placement game that’s ostensibly about time travel, though the theme never really made a ton of sense to me. What the time travel is really about is making loans to yourself (from the future!) and then paying yourself back for victory points. I thought that this was a really cool idea, especially since you could loan yourself practically anything. However, the lack of any sort of interest or sliding scale for points made it just devolve into loaning yourself whatever and just holding onto it for payback next turn. The rest of the game wasn’t too exciting, though I do like the various building abilities. The breakthrough shapes added a high random element to the game. The vanishing action spaces at the end of the game ended up making start player super important at the end, which disadvantages the player who happens to be to the right of the guy who claims that spot. On the whole, some very interesting ideas, but I thought the execution was meh.(1 play)


Played a friends. Gonna have to buy this game. It's a fantastic worker placement and the time travel adds a great complexity to your strategy. Each faction has unique leaders that are each very powerful but very different.WORRIED ABOUT THE WEIGHT of the game? It's weight is close to 4 because there is a lot you can do but once you get the iconology down you realize it's quite simple. There's really 6-10 actions you can take and they're all really simple to understand. Don't let the weight scare you. It's not that bad.The only reason I didn't give this an 8.5 or more if a personal opinion that doesn't effect the gameplay. I wish the VP tracking was an integrated board or something more than counting up at the end of the game. It makes sense WHY they did it this way (you can lose things, get negative, remove a negative) and it definitely makes the gameplay smoother not worrying about it during the game but it's REALLY hard when you are learning to understand where you stand with VP. I thought the game was going to be within a few points and I lost by 14.... So it's tough.


Worker placement time travel game with a doomsday clock; I get to play this about 1-2 times per year but it has a solo option so maybe 1-2 times as solo. I have the exosuit commanded pack with this and highly recommend it as it adds an excellent tactile component to the game.


Weight: 3.90 / 5Includes Folded Space insert


Looks great and has good reviews, so interested to try this one.




Delivered Aug, 2017--What a great game! Finally got 4 solo games in (in a WEEK, by the way, Oct. 16-21), and I'm LOVING it. Can't wait to play multiplayer too. Between this and Scythe, I'm now officially a solo gamer, and it's great, since having a kid really stalled my game time with others.


We played for four hours, and the whole time I felt fully engaged and loving every minute. I can't wait to play again.


Fairly heavy with a lot of variety in strategy but the ruleset isn't too complex. A very fun worker placement engine builder. Thinking about it right now, makes me want to play.


Worth its 2 hours length, which is an achievement. A great-looking table eater that strikes a good balance between player competition for spaces/resources and openness. I'm a bit disappointed about how irrelevant and superficial time travel feels. I have yet to try any of the multitude of modules.


It's been a bit longer than seems warranted so far, but playing with new players is going to have that effect. Working out what others are going to prioritise as far as main board actions will improve my game play.


Lots of moving parts and difficult decisions. Love the concept of taking a "loan" from yourself when warping resources.




Thanks to fomo and the cult of the new, I hardly get to play most of my favorites. But I backed this KS because of my lack of sci-fi games in my collection and due to my obsession with the time travel mechanic. It's actually pretty easy to play once you've gone through a few rounds. But the setup is horrendous. I still haven't gone and learned the solo game because setup takes so darn long. Still, it looks terrific and plays well despite it being kind of a long game.


Beautiful. Complex rules but easy enough to play. A lot of planning that can go wrong. Extremely clever time travel implementation. We enjoyed it, but it hurt the brain. Which makes it awesome. Contains: Anachrony: Exosuit Commander Pack


Fantastic WP with unique mechanisms. Must play.


Make an offer; I'm selling (along with Exosuit Commander Pack).


Fun almost apocalyptic/post apocalyptic worker placement. For the theme I think I prefer Euphoria.


Includes meeple realty insert.


+ A solid heavy worker-placement euro. + Looks great. o Heavy. During the first game(s) you might have no idea what you are doing. It is very much about converting one resource to another and yet another and then buy a building which can do one more conversion. - The time travel mechanism plays less of a role than the title implies.


A big production with a relatively low price tag. Mindclash knocks it out of the park with the theme here - pairing it with a colourful quilt of clever mechanisms. The iconography is mostly good but necessitates a quick manual check every now and then. The Superprojects fill me with geeky delight.


The components are gorgeous and the game play matches that. It's a heavy game so it can be hard to get to the table, but when it does, it's such a rewarding experience trying to focus on the resource management with worker placement and time travel all wrapped up in one.


(10/17) 8. Great implementation of the time travel theme in this worker placement where you can borrow stuff from your future self that you then need to repay. Felt meaty the first time I played and looking forward to running it back soon.