Rum & Bones: Mercenaries Heroes Set #2 board game
Rum & Bones: Mercenaries Heroes Set #2 board game


Rum & Bones is a board game of cutthroat swashbuckling pirate battles for 2 to 6 players, 14 years of age and up. This set can be played with any faction.

"Bossman" Kastel - Gunner

"Bossman" Kastel grew up on Tortuga, a rough port by any standards. Early on he discovered a talent for leadership, and quickly established himself as mastermind of the many orphans and urchins that littered Tortuga's streets. Racketeering and shakedowns were a specialty, which is saying something considering the sheer number of pirates inhabiting Tortuga. Always having a knack for machining and metalwork, Kastel's custom hand cannon (affectionately called "Little Friend") is easily worth a dozen men in a boarding action.

Lord Nelson - Swashbuckler

Battle after battle, action after action, Lord Viscount Horatio Nelson's skilled strategies and amazing impromptu tactics earned him a reputation as a nigh-infallible leader. Indeed, if not for a terribly unlucky shot at the Battle of Trafalgar, Nelson might very well have assumed control of the British Admiralty and prosecuted the war faster than history records. But now, with the Locker thrown open, and heroes and villains across time flooding the high seas, Nelson once more returns to service.

Don Quixote - Brute

Geared up for another "epic quest," Don Quixote strides forth across the centuries, this time to show his fellows how to execute a "proper adventure." The fact that his "fellow knights" are often blackguardly pirates is apparently lost on him. He believes that his presence lends these fellows a "certain dignity and noble bearing," which the pirates are only too-willing to indulge, given Quixote's incredible fighting skills. Indeed, as compatriots go, Don Quixote is one of the best despite his wild temper and disturbing tendency to charge the mainmast as "practice against true giants"!

3 Miniatures
3 Hero Cards


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