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Sword & Sorcery is a campaign-based dungeon crawler that uses an AI system to spawn and control the enemies. Over the course of a single scenario, player characters can gain experience and level up, increasing their stats and abilities. The game also features a fair bit of player death, which delevels a player and turns them into a ghost with very limited abilities. However, they can respawn, using valuable experience points. I didn't really have a good experience with this game, just because the game had tons of little niggly rules that were difficult to look up on the fly. It's possible with someone who knew the game well, I'd have a better experience, but this seems to be a really tough one to learn.(1 play)


Initial thoughts - I own a few 'Dungeon' games, and each has its merits, but S&S is the first I have owned that feels like a 'true' Dungeon Crawler. To cite just two of the things I am a fan of: 1) I LOVE that the Scenario goals are not wrapped up in a neat little bow at the start and that you need to discover what is going on bit-by-bit. So immersive! 2) The way the tiles work is masterful. Those little sight marks on each area are BRILLIANT! While S&S certainly has a lot of complexity to it, not having to faff around with hexes is a breath of fresh air. I still have a lot of reading to do and things to figure out (yes, there is a lot), but this game has already totally won me over.Once I’ve internalised the rules, I am sure I will bump this up to a 9, easy. More thoughts to follow...


Bought: June 20176 - 0, W6


Immortal Hero Pledge: You will receive a copy of the Legendary Hero rewards (Kickstarter Edition of Sword & Sorcery, including all the contents of the core set, Kickstarter special contents, and all unlocked stretch goals) PLUS the add-on bundle "Immortal" (including Vastaryous' Lair, Samyria & Bjorn, Onamor & Volkor, Doors & Chests, Additional Dice Set, Metal Crowns, Additional Cloth Bag, Enhanced Hero Figure Set).


Kickstarter Immortal Hero pledge. I'm about halfway through a campaign playing with a friend. The story is decent though I would rather not have the goofy pop culture references (e.g. meeting a tomb raider named Lara). Gameplay is fun but requires frequent rule references. It's a bit fiddly I suppose, but no worse than others in the genre. I'm playing Gloomhaven too and while it has better gameplay than S&S, this one is probably more fun. I prefer Descent with the Road to Legend app to either.


I mean, it's pretty good, but it's not Gloomhaven.


Is this how dungeon crawls are supposed to feel? The story here is so much more present. And although the game is not nearly as punishing as the D&D games (in that it doesn't feel like a roguelike), the turns certainly require thought to do well. That being said, the game still feels a bit light, and often times I wish I just had more options at my disposal. Frequently, you end up alternating between a few things you're doing waiting for your skills to recharge. The game simply doesn't have the depth of a game like Descent 2E. Still, this may appeal to far more players, simply because most want more-story, less-chess out of their dungeon crawls. I'm on the fence.


My wife and I have logged some crazy hours playing this game and really look forward to each time we get it to table. The quests can take a while, which I enjoy. We just leave the game setup, save our place on the app, and jump back in when we have time. We played the retail version for a while, but ended up purchasing the Immortal Heroes KS version second-hand. My only complaint about the core version is the lack of decent arcane weapons in the emporium deck, leaving Auriel at a slight disadvantage compared to other core heroes. She does have some fairly powerful magic at her disposal, however.