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Keyflower is a game for two to six players played over four rounds. Each round represents a season: spring, summer, autumn, and finally winter. Each player starts the game with a "home" tile and an initial team of eight workers, each of which is colored red, yellow, or blue. Workers of matching colors are used by the players to bid for tiles to add to their villages. Matching workers may alternatively be used to generate resources, skills and additional workers, not only from the player's own tiles, but also from the tiles in the other players' villages and from the new tiles being auctioned.

In spring, summer, and autumn, more workers will arrive on board the Keyflower and her sister boats, with some of these workers possessing skills in the working of the key resources of iron, stone, and wood. In each of these seasons, village tiles are set out at random for auction. In the winter, no new workers arrive, and the players select the village tiles for auction from those they received at the beginning of the game. Each winter village tile offers VPs for certain combinations of resources, skills, and workers. The player whose village and workers generate the most VPs wins the game.

Keyflower presents players with many different challenges, and each game will be different due to the mix of village tiles that appear in that particular game. Throughout the game, players will need to be alert to the opportunities to best utilize their various resources, transport and upgrade capability, skills, and workers.

Keyflower, a joint design between Richard Breese and Sebastian Bleasdale, is the seventh game in the "Key" series from R&D Games set in the medieval "Key" land.

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  • 2013-09-06 : Huge randomness factor
  • --Jan2013-- Very nice dynamics; interesting choices; lots of potential paths through the system. I like it. Better still, both of my younger children (F13,M10) found it something that they engaged with happily. Looks like it might get some more play! (And might easily go up in rating with further plays, too.)
  • Ruthless mix of action selection and auctions. Keyflower looks like a peaceful village building game, but is in fact a war zone. Save for destroying your opponent's tiles, pretty much everything else is allowed. Careful planning is definitely rewarded, but always having a Plan B is almost mandatory.
  • Keyflower is great because of how it uses your workers as both auction pieces and workers. So you need to balance getting stuff done with buying new stuff. A great game with lots to think about.
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I would love to get my hands on #Obsession. I haven't played it yet, but have read good reviews about it. My personal worker placement favourites are #Dominant Species, #Lorenzo il Magnifico and #Keyflower. There are many other on my list but these would be my choice.

One game that is currently OOP is #Anachrony. I have been wanting to play it but none of my friends have a copy of it... It would great to have it as a giveaway.

Won't be buying any of these for Christmas, but here's my shortlist :)

  1. #Too Many Bones
  2. #Nemo's War (Second Edition)
  3. Hmmm #Keyflower used to take this spot but not so sure anymore. I don't have another the game that I'm really eyeing on for myself at the moment

Good topic!  It's great that our hobby is so diverse.  There's games for everyone.  Sometimes a game is good but something else is better.

And of course, the most important the game going to actually get played?

Sticking with the same vein as your post here are games I used to own that you might have heard of:

  • #Archipelago: This game was my first "designer" purchase.  You get to build a map (I love building maps!) it's economic, it's in an odd semi-coop space.  What's not to like?  Well two big things for my group: 1) The game always seemed to end just as you got things going.  We played the short, the medium and the long games and never felt satisfied and 2) The semi co-op aspect just didn't work for my group.  Someone ended up keeping the game goiing while someone else just plowed ahead or no one could/would handle crisis and we'd get overwhelmed.  A LOT of potential there that didn't quite work for us.  
  • #Arkham Horror: The Card Game: Another popular game and for good reason.  However, I'm not a massive solo player and the game play just didn't quite grab me as much as #Mansions of Madness: Second Edition which I really enjoy with the app.  I only really want one Cthulu style game in my collection as I find them all quite similar.
  • #Descent: Journeys in the Dark (Second Edition): My group has so many games that there is only room for one epic dungeon quest and #Gloomhaven is it.  (Yes, I know they aren't the same but they are in the same general game play area.)
  • #Love Letter: Premium: I love Love Letter. #Love Letter (2019 Edition) is my favourite implementation of it.  Love Letter Premium is a text book case of taking a simple game and expanding on it until you lose what was great about it.  I could pull out the original love letter at work during lunch, do a 5 minute teach and we're off.  Love Letter premium doubled the roles and complicated the game.  I traded it for #Keyflower and feel like I came out way ahead.
  • #Rajas of the Ganges: It's a good game but despite my best efforts I found it quite unbalanced towards one side of the equation.  Again, with all of the other games my group has to play it only makes sense for me to give a limited amount of time to making a game work for me.
  • #Robinson Crusoe: Adventures on the Cursed Island: A much beloved game I know but it didn't do it for me.  I didn't like the core gameplay loop and the story wasn't enough to draw me back.


First time hearing of Hanging Gardens! Will look it up, thanks. Also, #Keyflower has been on my wishlist for a longgggg time too :)

Sweet! Glad we weren't too hard to find lol

Azul's a great one, it was one of the first games I was introduced to also. Are there any games you're really wanting to get recently? #Too Many Bones and #Keyflower are now at the top of my list but I'm starting to think about getting #War Chest to try it out with my wife

Played a little #Flamme Rouge with my partner and added third bot rider which worked surprisingly well.

Then played some #Alhambra and #Keyflower on board game arena

First time hearing of X-ODUS! I guess I completely missed the news about its Kickstarter last year. Will have to check out some videos tonight :)

My no pressure games to play with my wife are #Clans of Caledonia and #Concordia. I'm hoping that #Tzolk'in: The Mayan Calendar and #Keyflower could fit that category too when I get them some time next year.

Top games on my radar:

I think the earliest purchase will be Flip Ships. Seems like a great one for the family. And playing Pendulum actually resurrected Tzolk'in back onto my shortlist lol

Yup.  My two best examples are getting #Sid Meier's Civilization: The Board Game with both expansions for $20 and I traded #Love Letter: Premium for #Keyflower.  

The person wanted something lighter and I was happier with regular love letter so it worked out!