Spirit Island board game
Spirit Island board game

Spirit Island

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Powerful Spirits have existed on this isolated island for time immemorial. They are both part of the natural world and - at the same time - something beyond nature. Native Islanders, known as the Dahan, have learned how to co-exist with the spirits, but with a healthy dose of fear and reverence. However, now, the island has been "discovered" by invaders from a far-off land. These would-be colonists are taking over the land and upsetting the natural balance, destroying the presence of Spirits as they go. As Spirits, you must grow in power and work together to drive the invaders from your island... before it's too late!

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  • keeper
  • Bit too much process and game management, but it's a nice game.
  • Even the rulebook admits that the game isn't balanced around solo play. Asking me to play two handed just to get a decent solo experience is too much. I experience huge, game-stopping, fun-stopping AP playing this with one spirit, even where similar-weight games don't cause me any problems, so managing two is off the table.The way invader minis can be reoriented to track their health is ingenious, though. And the theme is one of the coolest I've seen in a long time. Ultimately, though, it feels like Pandemic with a slightly convoluted card play system. I enjoyed it but don't love it. I still really want to try it with a group, as it seems to thrive on interesting synergies and combos--things you don't get solo.
  • Only played it once, but it was clearly a very good game. It would take a few plays to really get used to how everything works, there is a lot to take in.
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I typically don't get too excited about co-ops in the style of Pandemic. It'd still be great to try out #Spirit Island some day. I'm curious how I'll feel about it.

I still need to play #Spirit Island; I see potential to see it enter the top 10 or perhaps even 5

I still need to play my copy of #Paladins of the West Kingdom against a human player.
Playing it "fake 2 player" solo was cool already. This has potential!

Just got my copy of #Everdell and can't wait to introduce it to the family; top 10 material for sure!

Still need to play a Clank title; it shows top 10 potential :D

#Root, #Spirit Island, and #Aeon's End are all games that I have not tried yet but I'm almost sure they would make it into my top 5 right away. I've heard so many good things about all of them on this site. I've watched a bunch of videos on them too.

A few games this week:

  • #Trains (Solo, Physical): Tried out a multiplayer variant I found online.  The variant was a good bit of fun but not comparable to multiplayer.  
  • #Spirit Island (Multiplayer, TTS): One of my favourite co-op games.  It seemed harder to play online than in person but we managed a reasonably solid win against the bare bones invaders.  
  • #Lords of Hellas (Multiplayer, TTS): First time playing this game.  Going in I wasn't sure if it would be a gimmicky game or a true dudes on a map game.  After the one play I definitely am leaning towards the latter.  It's a great dudes on a map game in the same vein as #Kemet, #Cyclades, #Blood Rage, #Inis etc.  I don't know if I can say that it matches up with those classics yet, more plays are required, but it definitely had elements I really enjoy from those type of games.  
  • #Inis (Multiplayer, TTS): I've played this one a few times before but it's been a while.  The different ways to win really make the game and I had to relearn some lessons I learned the last time we played it.  Great game and a good follow up to Lords of Hellas for a dudes on a map evening.

Wow that's quite the hack. I'll have to try it out next time they're running a promo on something I want. Thanks!

Not to totally keep breaking your bank...but on the topic of co-ops..

#Spirit Island is possibly the best co-op experience I've ever had. And it's great as a solo game to boot! I could 100% see why you'd want to play Gloomhaven with a friend or 2 because the experience is so great

Fun question! And of course because I think about this stuff far too much, I was trying to think of what I'd have to kick out to make it work.

Top 5:

#Spirit Island - Honestly don't know how this isn't there already. I'll have to reassess my list

#Gloomhaven: Jaws of the Lion - If only we had more time to play and get past the tutorial. It's such a great game and there's nothing I dislike about it.

Dropping out would be #Mystic Vale and #Dominion: Second Edition which I'd be the most sad to see go. Both are great games but I think I could see myself liking the other 2 just a little bit more.

Top 10:

#Barrage - I've had a lot of fun with this one in just two plays so far but I could easily see it making the jump. So much more to explore!

#Concordia - I'm still sad we haven't played this since our anniversary weekend. I'll have to find a way to change that soon.

I'd need 3 to drop out to make way for the new editions and the 1 dropping from the top 5 (Spirit Island was already top 10 so that's just a swap there). I think I'd bank on: #Orléans but just barely, #Team Play and #Chinatown. I think the latter 2 would make the biggest drop. Not because they aren't fun but I've just got so many other games it's hard to keep them up there. 

I'll look into#Spirit Island 🏝 thanks for the tip!


I know the list above is waaaay over 200 but one can dream! 🤪

Nice choices! What makes you choose Taverns over Quacks?

And I'd know you'd need way more money than $200, but I would suggest#Spirit Island for your co-op pick! It's easily the best co-op experience in my opinion (at least from what I've tried so far)

1. #Wingspan

2. #Elder Sign

3. #Spirit Island

All of these have been recommended to me over the past few months. I want to try Wingspan because of the great components and to get more non-gamers to try it, Elder Sign because I like the theme and it seems like it lines up with a lot of my tastes, and Spirit Island because I want a game that's a great solo AND co-op experience.