7 Wonders Duel board game
7 Wonders Duel board game

7 Wonders Duel

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Overall Rank: #12 | Trending Rank: #86

7 Wonders Duel is a fast-paced, two-player edition of Antoine Bauza's award-winning civilization-building game.

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  • The negative impression of mine may come from the fact that I didn't know it was a point salad game. Also too easy to math out if I can get the thing I want make it unfun
  • Perhaps the finest 2 player game I've played.
  • The game was very enjoyable for the first few times but began to grow stale for me after about 7-10 plays. I've heard the expansion elevates this game more but I didn't bother to get the expansion to try.
  • A better game than original 7 wonders, because of the super tight and quick gameplay.
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Black Friday plans | Comment

So far this year I picked up #Qwinto, #7 Wonders Duel, #Unearth, #Forbidden Sky: Height of Danger, #The Crew: The Quest for Planet Nine, #Trekking the National Parks: Second Edition, and #Paladins of the West Kingdom.  The only one I'm pretty sure I'm keeping is Paladins.  Most of the others will be Christmas gifts except Forbidden Sky and The Crew will go in my "maybe gift, maybe keep for myself" box of limbo. 

Alright here goes nothing..for simplicity sake, I left off the one's I've played either no games from or games that I didn't particularly enjoy.

Ted Alspach - #Suburbia

Antoine Bauza - #7 Wonders Duel

Bernd Brunnhofer - #Stone Age

Bruno Cathala - #Kingdomino

John D. Clair - #Mystic Vale

Rüdiger Dorn - #Karuba

Steve Finn - #Biblios

Stephan Feld - #The Castles of Burgundy

Friedemann Friese - #Fabled Fruit

Jacob Fryxelius - #Terraforming Mars

Mac Gerdts - #Concordia

Reiner Knizia - #Lost Cities

Michael Kiesling - #Azul

Vital Lacerda - #The Gallerist

Thomas Lehmann - #Res Arcana

Paulo Mori - #Rise of Augustus

Shem Phillips - #Paladins of the West Kingdom

Alexander Pfister - #Port Royal

Uwe Rosenberg - #Patchwork

Vladimír Suchý - #Underwater Cities

Reiner Stockhausen - #Orléans or #Altiplano..can't decide

Daniele Tascini - #Teotihuacan: City of Gods

Ignacy Trzewiczek - #Imperial Settlers


After all that, I can safely say I don't particularly care about designers haha. I was surprised I knew a couple of them off the top of my head.

I think the only game I wasn't expecting (aka didn't ask for it) that I received as a gift was #7 Wonders Duel. Wasn't on my radar at all and it quickly became a favorite of ours.

I see. Have you ever played #7 Wonders Duel? Similar mechanisms but it feels much different to play.

WOW! Color me jealous, haha.

Well my last acquisition was in a trade. I picked up #Duelosaur Island (Xtreme Edition) on a whim, because it seemed interesting and I like the theme and art. I played it once with a friend, and I think I'll be trying to trade it for something else. It's a decent game, but I just feel like there's not a spot for it in our collection. Anything I want from this game can be gotten from #7 Wonders Duel, but better. Except dinosaurs, but what are you gonna do.

My wife and I went through a period where we were playing a bunch of #7 Wonders Duel . I taught it to my college age nephew who really enjoys the strategy in games, and picks up on them quickly.  It wasn't fair. I even tried to be nice and still soundly thrashed him. He wasn't interested in playing any more after that. It was a learning experience for me.

I pretty much avoid apps for all games that I actually own (or expect to own) for this very reason. There's an app for #7 Wonders Duel, but I don't want to play it, because I want to actually play my wife competitively. Same with #Santorini.

The heaviest game I have is definitely #Dune, probably followed by #Underwater Cities. The lightest game would be one of the party games... Maybe #Wavelength?

The highest ranked game I have according to BGA is #Wingspan at #4, and the highest according to BGG is #7 Wonders Duel at #16.

I prefer #7 Wonders Duel I think but if you have more than 2 players, obviously OG 7 Wonders is a great one

Re: #7 Wonders Duel: them's fightin words! Lol, but I think it's really great, especially if you add in the Pantheon expansion!

Wow, that is amazing! You go, guys! Love seeing this place grow.

If I had to start over again with $200, I'd get:

I don't know a ton of out of print games. There are a couple I'd like to get that are between printings, but set to be reprinted. Those are: