Star Wars Imperial Assault board game
Star Wars Imperial Assault board game

Star Wars Imperial Assault

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A Long Time Ago…
Victory! With the destruction of the Death Star, the Rebellion has given hope to a galaxy living in fear. Having lost their ultimate weapon, the Empire scrambles to recover in the face of this crushing defeat.

As the scattered fragments of the battle station rain down upon the Rebel base on Yavin 4, the Empire sets in motion a plan to seek retribution against Rebel forces stationed on the small moon.

Not long after, when an Imperial beacon begins to broadcast from an outpost some distance away from the Rebel base, a small team of elite operatives is dispatched; their mission: to silence the signal at all costs…

In Imperial Assault, 2-5 players join forces in an epic Star Wars adventure based on the Descent 2.0 system of combat and dungeon exploration. One player will control the Galactic Empire, pitting the Rebel Alliance against squadrons of Stormtroopers, deadly beasts, and even Darth Vader himself. The other players take control of Rebel Alliance Heroes, going on missions to continue their fight against the Empire. Can the Rebel Alliance work together to accomplish their missions, or will the Empire bring its forces to bear and squash the Rebellion? Find out in Imperial Assault!

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  • great game! All my friends and I love playing this
  • I could play this every day
  • Plays: 2-5, 90 min
  • Excellent game. Two in one play modes (campaign and skirmish). Beautiful miniatures. Now that there is an official app for solo / cooperative play, a definite 10 for me.
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Comparing Imperial Assault and Gloomhaven  image
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Good question.

Amongst guitarist on another forum I'm on, G.A.S. is an issue:

Gear Eacquisition Syndrome.

Never enough, always dreaming of the next thing etc.
I used to buy and sell a lot of effect pedals etc but I'm past that now.

Boardgames don't come and go in this house. 
They flow in at a slow but steady pace.
Because we are moving in January, we sold a lot of games th children have grown out of and we'll be selling #Skyline of the World because my wife dislikes it.

What I miss?
Something I deeply love and collect, with a lot of modular expansions if possible. Something to let grow gradually and to expand with custm 3d printed items etc.
One of my best friends does that with #Star Wars Imperial Assault for example :)

I might start collecting a series of #Root boxes and I hope #Everdell keeps expanding with more cards mostly :)

I also like to pick up game design/prototyping stuff too; cardboard, meeples, standeed, tokens, etc....
They help the creative juices flow :)

I had a "grow the collection" itch with #Star Wars: Destiny but because I have nobody to play it with, I'm selling that now.





Nice! My wife's eyes grow large whenever I mention this game haha It terrifies her. Perhaps one day I'll find a way to convince her I should get it. :)

Other than that, #Star Wars Imperial Assault will probably be my "out of left field" game. I want it desperately, and I'm pretty sure I'll "accidentally" buy a copy I randomly find at a stellar price. 

The best overall design.

#Star Wars Imperial Assault . The way they refined an already sweet dice mechanic earns my full respect.

Your best memories

#Axis & Allies classic: same set of friends after each period of exams. 

Best cover art

#HeroQuest (original)

The best euro


The best quick game (30m or less)


The first game you loved 

#Hotel Tycoon (formerly known as "Hotel")

The best game you can can fit in your pocket.

A set of poker dice

The most immersive experience

#Star Wars: Rebellion

Your most played game

Close call between #Ticket to Ride: Europe and Earthworms :)

Your favourite components

The twitchy vibrating moving cockroach in #Bugs in the Kitchen | La Cucaracha

The 'to put it politely, I can't fathom how anyone can enjoy this' award

haven't encounter anything yet that has no significant target audience in my eyes. 


 Loving all the Star Wars on this list! You don't need the app for#Star Wars Imperial Assault. There are a myriad of ways to play that game. 

If you got and played#Star Wars: Rebellion I think I would lose it. You would love that game so much. 

This post resonates with me. I've had the same exact thoughts.

I could easily see my wife having a lot of fun with #Star Wars Imperial Assault and #Star Wars: Rebellion but there's some hurdle to go through. IA is more manageable for us but still, it'd be great to have accessible SW euros

I love Star Wars. To bits. They already have several incredible games -#Star Wars: Rebellion is the best game ever made and#Star Wars Imperial Assault is wonderful. I also like#Star Wars: Outer Rim quite a bit but that one is begging for an expansion for some  additional content. 

So the question is then what other kinds of games should they put the IP on?

I mentioned in a different post that they should do a Mandalorian retheme of#Western Legends. An open world game where you can be a bounty hunter or a defender of innocents, or just go and play sabaac the entire game. There would be tons of cool thematic things you could get involved in. Sounds incredible.

Another cool idea would be a worker placement style game where you play as Mon Mothma or other leaders of the rebellion and you place workers out to build the rebellion.

Each leader would have asymmetrical player powers based on their traits in the universe. Workers would go out to do missions, recruit allies, find supplies, etc. You build up your engine (the Rebellion) until you have enough support to take out the Empire. This could be semi-cooperative in that all players are working together to take out the Empire but at the end of the game there is only one who will be declared Chancellor of the New Republic.

There could even be a minor combat system euro-style to represent the conflicts in the movies.

I imagine this being a point salad type game where there are tons of things to do at the beginning of the game and you build your engine to focus on a specific path. Your engine varies from game to game based on what leader you are and what cards come out. 

The game board could be variable as well with different planets drawn at setup to create a unique board each time. Although the Inner Core planets would always be the same. 

My favorite game ever is#Star Wars: Rebellion (with the must own expansion) but the opportunity to play that is quite limited. So I don't think I would pick to keep that one. 

The choice would come down to something that is versatile and interesting at all player counts. I think it would be between#Root#Gloomhavenor#Star Wars Imperial Assault

Today I would pick#Star Wars Imperial Assault with all my expansion content. Fun solo and multiplayer plus it has the app and the PnP solo mode.