Cooper Island board game
Cooper Island board game

Cooper Island

In the age of exploration the players arrive at a new home far away from their homeland. They try to colonize the big island and each player tries to explore one part of it by placing landscape tiles. Landscape tiles grant resources and those are used to erect buildings with special abilities. Barriers on the island have to be removed in order to explore the island even further. Players build valuable statues and supply ships get them the supplies from the old world they need to be a successful settler on Cooper Island.

The special thing about Cooper Island is the way the players mark their victory points. They take small ship markers around the island to show their progress. On their way around the island they find smaller islands inshore that grant valuable benefits. After five rounds, a game of Cooper Island ends and the player who developed the best and went on furthest with their ships will win.

—description from the publisher

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#The Gallerist top my list of games on my wishlist. #Brass: Birmingham , #DinoGenics , #Raiders of Scythia , #Cooper Island , and #Atheneum: Mystic Library are high on my list as well.  

After these it's hit or miss on games.  I would like to grab #Tapestry: Plans and Ploys to my base game.  

I really, raelly want #The Gallerist but truth be told I probably can't afford it right now.  So maybe #Nemo's War (Second Edition) or #Cooper Island might work.

My go to answer for what game I'd get if I'd win has been #Cooper Island, but I'm thinking I should go for something lighter. I'm between a few games I think..thanks in large part to BGA lol



#Clans of Caledonia

I'd probably shoot for #Brass: Birmingham or #Nemo's War (Second Edition).  Possibly #Cooper Island.  Would like to shoot for something on the heavier side.

I have an unopened copy or #Architects of the West Kingdom: Age of Artisans (expansion to #Architects of the West Kingdom 

I also have opened but unplayed copies of #Charterstone and #Pandemic Legacy: Season 1 (Blue Box).  

Games I'd love to trade for are #The Gallerist, #Cooper Island, #DinoGenics, #Gloomhaven: Jaws of the Lion, #Marvel Champions: The Card Game - Thor Hero Pack, or #Brass: Birmingham.  I'm open to other offers as well as this is a fairly specific list.  :)

I live in Texas for the purpose of calculating shipping costs


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