Dune board game
Dune board game


Set thousands of years in the future, Dune the board game is based on the Frank Herbert novels about an arid planet at the heart of the human space empire's political machinations.

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  • Multi-player wargame set on Frank Herbert's desert world of Dune. Players are the rival factions fighting for control of the planet (Fremen, Harkonnen, etc.). The game has several innovative design features, including a very interesting combat system.
  • --Jun2006-- (Slightly) better than _A Game of Thrones_, in my opinion. And not much longer in practice. I might give it a 9 if I could play it more often. Sadly, I've not played for more than 15 years.--Mar2007-- Whee! A couple plays. This one really needs 5 or 6; with less than the full complement it feels like it's missing some secret sauce.--Jun2007-- On the other hand, with a full set of players (and the advanced rules, please) it's amazing.++ >10 unlogged plays. ++
  • It can take a while, but the player immersion is there, and it feels like Dune. In desperate need of a component upgrade and a reprint. I'd like to play it a few more times because I feel the ranking will move up with more play. (We played basic rules)
  • Hard to rate. It surely provides a compelling play experience (even for those like myself with no affinity for Herbertisms--I routinely call the Kwisatz Haderach the Knick-Knack Paddywhack), but the rules are a bit wonky and the game is vastly too long. The movement on the board, in general, is dull and fiddly--especially since most of the action happens via transportation anyway. All that said, it can produce moments verging on pure brilliance--the daring gambit, the unexpected leader death, the sublime joy at being opposed by a traitor. The first (and only) game I played had a Bene Gesserit win, which was like poetry in its beauty. I don't think I'll play it again, though, which is a shame. Long past time this got streamlined, and, I for one don't agree that the thematic integration is 100% necessary. Ditch the storm, change the map, keep the combat and traitors... It seems doable.
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The Fremen in #Dune. I just have an emotional connection to them lol

Hey, I think there's a board game out about #Dune! Pretty sure it's called #Dune. Or..it might be #Dune. I don't know I always get them so confused :P

What other Stephen King books do you like? I recently read The Institute and it was super engaging.

I haven't played it yet but I'm REALLY excited to get my copy of the Dune reprint. It helps a lot that I'm a huge fan of the source material, but the fact that it's considered a classic even after 40 years is a factor as well. I've watched a couple playthroughs of it and I think it looks great.

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