Cult of the Deep

2021 · 4-8 Players · 45-75 Minutes
Cult of the Deep board game
Cult of the Deep board game

You are a cultist, trying to establish your faction's rise to power. Fight over rituals and mythical monsters as you seek victory and control of the cult.

Each player is given a role that will remain hidden throughout the game, except the High Priest. This role will determine your win condition.

High Priest - Root out corruption in the cult. Kill all Cabalists, the Heretic, and survive.

Cabalists - Seek to take control of the cult. Kill the High Priest.

Faithful - Protect the High Priest from threats to their power. Kill all Cabalists, the Heretic, and the High Priest must survive.

Heretic - Burn the whole cult to the ground. Kill the entire cult, yourself included if necessary.

Each player will be given a class card that determines their starting health, special ability, and a power symbol that provides an additional way to gain life from the dice.

A secret sigil card, which gives each cultist a once per game power, will also be given to each player.

A player will take a turn by first rolling their dice up to 3 times. They then decide where to commit their dice: to rituals to gain altar effects to temporarily empower themselves, finish a ritual in order to gain it's powerful effects permanently, stab other cultists, gain life, or give life to other cultists.

If a player is killed, they are not eliminated. Instead, they become a wraith. They will roll dice on their turn still, just less. They cannot commit dice like normal but instead haunt the dice of enemies and allies by giving, replacing, or discarding dice.

Kickstarter Information

$43,076 / $15,000

Ended 10 months ago



Year Published2021
Number of Players 4-8
Playtime 45-75 Minutes
Minimum Age 14
Developers Ed Stockton
Mechanics Bluffing, Deduction, Dice Rolling, Hidden Roles, Press Your Luck, Social Deduction, Variable Player Powers, Variable Setup
Categories Fantasy, Horror, Kickstarter
Learning Complexity N/A[Vote]
Strategy Complexity N/A[Vote]
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