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 In Immortals, the players are warlords, controlling different tribes, and fighting for control of two worlds to determine who will rule over light and shadow. Death, once dreaded by mortals, has been overcome. Armies that die in the world of light, are resurrected in the shadow world and vice versa. Players struggle for domination in both worlds and have to constantly adapt to the ever changing battlefields of this eternal war. Controlling the regions, the main cities and shrines at the end of each round will award precious victory points. Based on the classical strategy game "Shogun".

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  • Definitely my preferred version of the Wallenstein engine--the changes to he programming, the card system, and the reinforcements are all for the good. The way armies move to and from the limbos, the board, and the tower allows for some delicious trade-offs and timing concerns. It's a great game, but... The system is still way too long. The game wants to be 120 minutes, but I'll be damned if these things don't always take at least 50% than I think it should. [EDIT] Yeah, it's really clever, but still too long. Players also seem regularly stymied by confusions over light/dark cards, though I'm hard-pressed to understand why.
  • I think I prefer Shogun... They tried to make this more thematic, it didn't work. It just became more convoluted, fiddly, and less fun. Shogun is much more appealing. I think the ONLY thing that I like Immortals over Shogun on is that you can choose the order in which to trigger your cards/effects. That is a welcome addition. Otherwise I would have no desire to play this over the other. Even Shogun I would not necessarily ask to play, but would if it was presented.
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