Slaughterball: Team Legion board game
Slaughterball: Team Legion board game


Legion is one of the few teams in the Global Slaughterball League that is completely owned by a regional government. In this case the Metroplex Roma subsidiary SPQR. Current SPQR CEO Tiberius Antonius Caesar-Caesar has dedicated vast sums of tax revenues to develop and market Legion into a juggernaut of popularity and success. Thanks to Caesar-Caesar’s guidance over the past two decades, Legion’s legions of fans have propelled the team to be one of the most financially successful in the league.

Legion is a thoroughly disciplined team of well-armored athletes, each with their own skills to contribute to the team. They excel at cooperating with each other to overcome opponents through teamwork. The cleavers are the foundation of this team unity. They are tactical geniuses who grant all teammates a bonus to their tests, plus they can hand out additional Onslaught tokens!
It will require an experienced coach to fully understand and lead Legion to victory. You’ll have to familiarize yourself with their impressive list of skills, and stay aware of every team member at all times to make sure you utilize them to their fullest potential. Legion is one of the most complicated teams to lead to victory, so be sure you are up to the task.

Even though all Legion athletes have strong skill sets, it is the cleavers’ tactical leadership that propel them to excellence. The value of more onslaught tokens cannot be overemphasized, and you should exploit that ability every turn. Also, do not forget the Leadership bonus that each of your athletes earns from the cleavers, and that you can add up the +1 bonus to tests from each of your cleavers in the pit.
To retain the extra tactical choices that they provide, the cleavers should be protected at all times. Do not expose them to attack or you’ll lose them to the Slaughter Box, along with their bonus dice and onslaught tokens.

Also, don’t forget the other athletes on the team, who also have great skills and traits. The razor is well-armored, with just a slight reduction in Speed. The slashers can double-team opponents for vicious effect. Even the butcher is better than average with his Awesome Brute skill. And all Legion athletes can stand up adjacent teammates with Help Up. Once you learn how to synergize all these skills, you’re well on your way to invincibility!

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