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not my type of gametoo assymetric, too random, too ameritrashlots of better dudes on a map game - CW wars, kemet, forbidden stars


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1st Impressions: I've played one game with four players and the advanced rules. We had Atreides, Harkonnen, Emperor, and Fremen. This game is good, but not great. It's interesting, tense, and strategic. It' a bit fiddly, and there have been a few moments when we argued over rules for a bit longer than acceptable. But it's been a fun experience and I want to play more. In particular, I love the fact that everyone has a few secrets that are worth something to someone and you can use that. I've never seen that before and I think it adds something unique and fun to this experience. I'm eager to play it a few more times because I think it would get even more tactical once you know all of the cards/rules well. I'm also super interested in trying this with 6 people because I think it will make the alliance decisions less obvious and lead to a more competitive game.