6 Nimmt! board game
6 Nimmt! board game

6 Nimmt!

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Not a Game for the Bullheaded! You start with 10 cards, ranked between 1 and 104. Each round, you must add a card to one of 4 active rows. If you play the 6th card in a row, you must take the first 5 cards in that row. This is not a good thing! You get penalty points for each bull head on these cards. The player with the least bull heads wins. A quick, fun, fast-paced game for young and old.

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  • An ideal party game that is quick and engaging.
  • This game of simultaneous decision-making is crazy fun. I like trying to read my opponents' minds and guessing their plans. It gets more random with more players, but that just makes it more enjoyable for me. It's always interesting trying to predict if another player will play lower than you, so that you can force them to take the points, allowing you to get away with taking none. It's definitely a game where the best-laid plans will fall apart.Some players will really not enjoy the unpredictability of the game, because knowing what will happen is very hard, but this is not intended to be some deep game. In fact some people might get stuck with so many cards that they will complain about the game being too luck-driven and the players have no control. However we have played with a random player in the mix and that player always performs much worse than a selective player. So there is a strategy somewhere in this game, it's just not that obvious and not 100% effective.
  • Light, but in the classic German way, not a *completely* light cardgame. Simple enough that everyone can play, and deep enough - or at least seemingly deep enough - that serious gamers feel they get their money's worth.
  • Bought: November 20149 - 25, L3

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I enjoy so many games in my collection, but the one(s) I'm most thankful for are because of the memories and good times playing them.

#Chess My grandfather taught me when I was 10-13. He always started with the exact same 3 games, the first a checkmate in 3 moves. My grandparents helped us move from Oregon to Utah after my dad passed away, and we played about 10 games of chess those two weeks together. I was just shy of 14 and I won my first game against him fair and square. It caught him off-guard as he would have checkmated me in two moves and he didn't see it coming. I won two more times. I later taught my son how to play chess as a young boy scout. He still likes the game.

#Rack-O and #Rook were two of my mom's favorite games.  I have both of them and played Rack-O last week with my wife.  I haven't played Rook in years.

#6 Nimmt! (although we have the French version of it) was given to us by our French exchange student two years ago.  It's a family favorite, and we take it on trips with us and teach new people. (Even played it on a Mexican cruise!) Funny story-while translating the rules for us, he discovered his family had been playing it wrong-they had adapted it for his four-year-old sister.  He enjoyed much more once he started playing it correctly.

#Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle My niece gave this to me for babysitting her 3 year-old daughter one weekend so she could attend a women's conference with my wife.  It's been great for the whole family and we have a lot of fun with it.

#Paladins of the West Kingdom, both a solo game and a two-player game; #Rack-O 5 times with my wife; #6 Nimmt! with my wife; and two solo plays of #Cartographers: A Roll Player Tale. Overall, a really good week for games played.

Slow week, still progressing on #Pandemic Legacy: Season 0, one more win! but now we will have to play online via Zoom or something. 

Played #51st State: Master Set for the first time, interesting game. Didn't win of course =)

And the filler this week was #6 Nimmt! which I really enjoy.

I second #Diamonds and #6 Nimmt! 

I would also recommend:

  1. #The Fox in the Forest
  2. #Bohnanza
  3. #Silver & Gold
  4. #Arboretum
  5. #High Society
  6. #Point Salad
  7. #For Sale
  8. #Love Letter
  9. #The Mind
  10. #12 Days
  11. #Sushi Go Party!
  12. #The Crew: The Quest for Planet Nine (Maybe an Honorable Mention - depending on how you want to count the component list)

As you can see I love card games ;)

I have other favourite card games but your post speaks to the *simplest* ones out there, and for me #6 Nimmt! has been a winner with every group I've ever shown it to. There've been plenty of times where we plan to warm up before a heavy game with a game of Nimmt, and end up playing it all night!

This is awesome. It's such a nice thought that some lucky people in our friendly community might get this monetary boost before Christmas, at a time when families everywhere are struggling. Really impressed and proud to be part of BGA right now.

Starting a hobby all over again... wow. I'd bag a couple of solid card games like #The Crew: The Quest for Planet Nine and #6 Nimmt!. Get a party game like #Wavelength, some co-op stuff with a lot of hours in it like #Pandemic Legacy: Season 1 and then some geeky solo stuff just for me... like #Pax Pamir (Second Edition).

All the out of print games I was keen in have been reprinted over the years... a few months ago I would have said #Chinatown but that came roaring back. That said, #Black Sonata is pretty hard to get these days.

Edit: BTW, had no idea BGP was yours. I use it all the time and I can't wait to see it integrated. Great stuff.

Played #Now Boarding at 3 and 2 players. We found it quite easy at 2 players, so I'm considering handicapping us next time. Had a learning solo game of #Castle Itter and was impressed by how simple it is to learn. It's one of the best rulebooks I've ever seen. Also played a bunch of #6 Nimmt! which has never failed. It's probably the most convincing and reliable intro game there is besides #Codenames. Every single new player that has tried it, gamer or not, has had a raucous time with our group.

Had an all day gaming event yesterday and got the following played, all games with 4 players unless specified otherwise.

#The Isle of Cats - Pretty tight game.  Still really like this one.  One new player.

#Paladins of the West Kingdom - First time for 2 of the players.  They did really well.  One liked better than #Architects of the West Kingdom

#6 Nimmt! - Needed a quick game while we waited for pizza to arrive. 

#Res Arcana - New game for 2 players.  Went really well.  I really like it, symbology is clear once you learn it, the reference cards do a nice job of laying everything out.  Fun game.

#Clank!: Sunken Treasures with 3 players, 1 first time play.  Probably my favorite of the Clank! expansions and best part if you've played base clank the new stuff takes like 90 seconds to explain.  5 points between first and second. 

I find it hard because some of the comparisons are not really fair.  I enjoy #Twilight Imperium 4th Edition but I'm not going to want to whip that out all the time.  Is it better or worse than #6 Nimmt!?  Well it's worse if I want a filler game but better if I want an epic all day game. 

I tend to have more laughs playing 6 nimmit but the game feels more satisfying  with TI4 at the end of the play.

So I just tend to answer it with, "If someone asked me to pick between these two games to play right now which one would I pick?"  

But really it's up to the indiviidual.

I can get them to play #Ticket to Ride: Europe, #Century: Spice Road#Pandemic, #Sushi Go Party! and #Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle and #6 Nimmt! fairly easily.  My wife also likes #Splendor #Azul and #Alhambra. I'm always up for a game, my wife occasionally, and my son not so much. I'm hoping to get more game play with #Cartographers: A Roll Player Tale, #Istanbul: The Dice Game, and #The Quacks of Quedlinburg.

Pretty game filled week this week.  

Took on some shorter games for our week day game night:

  • #Incan Gold (Boardgame arena, multiplayer) x2:  Quick little push your luck game. Just enough there to enjoy it for the time it runs. 
  • #Tobago (Boardgame arena, multiplayer). First time playing this one. Reminded me a bit of cryptid except you have some say in where the treasure is and have to pick it up.  I quite enjoyed this one and would play it anytime. 
  • #Race for the Galaxy with #Race for the Galaxy: The Gathering Storm and #Race for the Galaxy: Rebel vs Imperium (board game arena multiplayer x2). First time playing with the expansions. I think they added enough to mix it up a bit but not too much where the game is no longer the same. Fun!
  • #6 Nimmt! (Board game arena multiplayer). Another one I have played a fair amount. Great for a laugh and doesn’t over stay it’s welcome. 

I also had some new games arrive which have solo modes:

  • #Villagers(physical solo):  I’ve played this quite a bit online and very much enjoyed it. For the solo mode you play against “the countess” who has events you have to deal with. It’s not quite the same as the game proper but I quite enjoyed that two games of it I played. (And I didn’t beat the countess.  Got some work to do!)
  • #Cartographers: A Roll Player Tale (physical solo). I quite enjoyed playing it online and thought it would be a solo game that I would enjoy. I love maps and creating a map kicks the game up a notch for me. Solo was pretty comparable to playing with other players and I liked how it scores the game. Great pickup!
On the weekend we had a couple of games:

  • #Lisboa (tabletopia multiplayer):  went for round 2 whilewe still had the rules down.  Definitely played shorter as we only had 3 players but also knew what to expect. I still think it is a bit busy but it grew on me with a second play. 
  • #Russian Railroads (board game arena, multiplayer):  This is becoming a favourite of ours. Plays pretty fast but has lots of options. You can’t do everything in one game and it’s fun to try different tactics in different games. I definitely recommend this one!


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