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Modern Art board game

Modern Art

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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but in the high-stakes world of fine art auctions, there's nothing more beautiful than making a buck.

In Modern Art, players take on the role of curators, buying and selling paintings for their museum. Over the course of four rounds, they take part in a number of auctions, trying to get the best value for the pieces in their collection. Whoever makes the most money wins the game (and keeps their job).

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  • Knizia hits another home run for me. This game is loaded with a variety of strategies. Knowing how much to pay, which paintings to sell, and how much to expect people to pay are all tough choices. And there is a great build to the game as players gather more and more cash each season, but the bids become more and more educated. I'm impressed by all the variety that can be found with just a few different styles of auctions.But what really makes this game shine for me is the suggested variant rule that my brother instituted. We played that you have to not only name the painting you are selling but also take on the role of a salesperson. This lended a real party game atmosphere as we chuckled about the paintings and used ridiculous accents. However, even with all this humor added it doesn't detract at all from the very strategic game that is underneath.
  • Knizia auction game. The gameplay of Modern Art feels a bit like Medici but it is in all aspects more gut-wrenching and mind-numbing than that game (in a good way!) Each and every auction in the game involves an enormous amount of variables which need to be evaluated.
  • One of the best auction games if not the best. My only gripe is the game can be rather fragile with new players having a particularly rough time figuring out how to best value the auctions leading so some very unsatisfying games. But with a full complement of experienced players, the game really hums
  • --05Aug2004-- Really nice game. And my family likes it too!The best part, of course, is the whole groupthink dynamic: when with a bunch of people that all bid irrationally high, you're going to lose unless you bid above a rational comfort zone. Equally, with a bunch of conservative bidders, a degree of accomodation is needed. What's more, while the old one is unquestionably nicer, the new Mayfair version - in my highly overrated opinion - is entirely playable and a great value for the money.
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I've only managed one play of #Modern Art, but I really enjoyed it. We own the cmon version with alot of Brazilian artists, but almost picked up the dicetree version.

I'd probably rank it like this:

1. #A Fake Artist Goes to New York

2. #Insider

3. #Startups

4. #Modern Art (Oink version - bit of a cheeky addition)

5. #Deep Sea Adventure

I lied, it is in the top 5! The best thing about it is it's one of the only Oink games that works at 2p. However, I think it's just okay.

  1. #Spirit Island, #Santorini or #Hive Pocket, #The Castles of Burgundy, #Codenames, #Modern Art, Bohnanza, #Aeon's End: War Eternal
  2. Would love to see some of the games that are only available direct from the publisher with high shipping costs. #Too Many Bones and #V-Commandos come to mind and are high on my wishlist

My wishlist has spiralled out of control so could be many one of many things!

I've recently been longing for the Oink games version of #Modern Art, which is just gorgeous.

This has been #Root Week for me. I finally got my own copy and I recently received #Root: The Clockwork Expansion in a math trade. I didn't waste any time jumping in!

#Root x8 (4 players x1 | 2 players x1 | 1 player x6 / 13 total plays) - Needless to say, I've been enjoying the expansion. Typed up a session report here.

#Modern Art x1 (4 players / 6 total plays) - This is THE auction game for me right now. Such a sharp design. I'd love to give #Ra a shot down the line. I'm curious as to which I'd prefer.

#Fort x1 (4 players / 1 total play) - Interesting first play. Not sure how I feel. I really had to supervise the other players and make sure they were understanding the game, so I didn't really have the bandwidth to focus on my own game #TeacherProblems. I hope to get a second game in soon.


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