Modern Art board game
Modern Art board game

Modern Art

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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but in the high-stakes world of fine art auctions, there's nothing more beautiful than making a buck.

In Modern Art, players take on the role of curators, buying and selling paintings for their museum. Over the course of four rounds, they take part in a number of auctions, trying to get the best value for the pieces in their collection. Whoever makes the most money wins the game (and keeps their job).

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  • Pure auction game with an interesting scoring influence mechanic that imitates the way pieces of art go up in value. Challenging for newcomers, since correctly evaluating said values is a huge part of the game.
  • I think that this should be in everyones collection. I think it is THE auction game to have.
  • Game is good, but the art...Bleh!I prefer Members Only by the same designer.
  • Not my favorite Knizia Auction Game. I like it, but Ra and Medici are better than this. This one does have the interesting dynamic in being able to sell products to earn money instead of just making good pickups. However, this seems heavily weighted in who gets the most double auctions and plays best to make those worth enough money in the early rounds for the big pickups in late rounds.
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My wishlist has spiralled out of control so could be many one of many things!

I've recently been longing for the Oink games version of #Modern Art, which is just gorgeous.

This has been #Root Week for me. I finally got my own copy and I recently received #Root: The Clockwork Expansion in a math trade. I didn't waste any time jumping in!

#Root x8 (4 players x1 | 2 players x1 | 1 player x6 / 13 total plays) - Needless to say, I've been enjoying the expansion. Typed up a session report here.

#Modern Art x1 (4 players / 6 total plays) - This is THE auction game for me right now. Such a sharp design. I'd love to give #Ra a shot down the line. I'm curious as to which I'd prefer.

#Fort x1 (4 players / 1 total play) - Interesting first play. Not sure how I feel. I really had to supervise the other players and make sure they were understanding the game, so I didn't really have the bandwidth to focus on my own game #TeacherProblems. I hope to get a second game in soon.


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