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Hanabi board game


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From 7 Wonders designer Antoine Bauza comes this innovative, cooperative card game where players race against the clock to build a dazzling fireworks finale. Trouble is, you can see the cards that everyone holds - except your own!

Working together, players exchange vital information in order to play their cards in the proper launch sequence. Build and light each firework correctly to win the game and avoid a fizzling fiasco!

Winner of the prestigious Spiel des Jahres Award for 2013. 

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  • Hanabi can be a frustrating game but that's kind of the nature of it. It's very hard not to give someone a "suggestive look" to help lead them in the right direction, which is against the spirit of the thing.All in all Hanabi is a co-operative memory game.
  • The family game of Christmas 2012 for us.
  • Qwirkle retheme
  • About as tense as Space Alert, only slower!I can't believe I'm giving a game which can be so easily broken an 8.75! I say "broken", of course, with regards to the vague communication rules. The only other problem is the poor colour choices: it might be unplayable by the colour-blind.
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Excited to see some older games like #Splendor, #Sushi Go! and #Hanabi still on the "bought" list despite being pretty light and several years old. I've seen them be picked up by non-hobbyist friends and I think those games are well on their way to being considered as classic and mass-market as #Monopoly and #Catan.

What about #Exploding Kittens?  That one is always good for some quick fun.  I like #Once Upon a Time: The Storytelling Card Game as well, but I think that one is more dependent on your group.  Oooh and #Hanabi and #Jaipur

There are quite a few cooperative games out there, but I think its probably tough to do that kind of balance well (I'm assuming, not a game designer myself).  Pandemic is deffinitely the quintessential example of this but there are #Forbidden Island, #Forbidden Desert, and #Forbidden Sky: Height of Danger by the same designer and use the same basic mechanic as Pandemic. I find those to be a little redundant of Pandemic but other co-op games that I enjoy are #Ghost Stories, #Mechs vs. Minions, #Spirit Island, #Hanabi#Commissioned and there's the RPG-lite #Mice and Mystics and of course there's always #Gloomhaven.  I'm planning on playing #Magic Maze at some point as well which I hear is fun.  Then there are the tons of semi-co-op games with like a traitor mechanic or some way of picking a winner out of the players like #Dead of Winter: A Crossroads Game, #Betrayal at House on the Hill, #Castle Panic, etc.  We like co-op games in our house =)

I didn't have much luck getting people to enjoy either #The Mind or #Hanabi. I do agree with your assessmet that games like those rely a lot on body language and the subtle clues that lend themselves to better in person experiences.

For my money, games like #The Crew: The Quest for Planet Nine, #The Mind and #Hanabi rely on the kind of metagame that develops from playing in person - reading the room and feeling for the subtle cues. I probably wouldn't bother with any of them online.

Those are some good ones! #The Mind and #Hanabi definitely fall into the same camp for me as games my fiance hates :)

I wouldn't mind seeing the following:

#Downforce vs #Rallyman: GT

#Just One vs #Codenames

#The Mind vs #Hanabi

I watched all kinds of videos for #Raiders of the North Sea and #Architects of the West Kingdom tyring to decide between the two. Ended up getting both :)

Some other match-ups I've known people to compare are:

I have:

  1. #Azul
  2. #Terraforming Mars
  3. #Codenames
  4. #Pandemic
  5. #Pandemic Legacy: Season 1
  6. #Catan
  7. #Great Western Trail
  8. #King of Tokyo
  9. #Dead of Winter: A Crossroads Game
  10. #Architects of the West Kingdom
  11. #Coup
  12. #Raiders of the North Sea
  13. #Lost Cities
  14. #Hanabi
  15. #Hive
  16. #Eldritch Horror
  17. #Magic: The Gathering (I have some decks somewhere in my family home from when I was a kid)

Wow, that is more than I expected when I started making the list, maybe I am spending too much time on here and influencing the list too much! 😄

Rather than trying to play physical games, you should try out some online implementations of games - Board Game Arena is great for browser-based play and has quite a few different games on it. There are some available for free and then some as part of a (fairly inexpensive) premium membership. I've used it for HanabiTakenoko and Stone Age in the past and can confirm that they all work well. There are options for playing in real-time and turn-based. 

Smartphone apps can be a really good option too - there are loads of great board game apps for iOS and Android, many of which let you play cross-platform. The Star RealmsLords of Waterdeep and Splendor apps are good for this in my experience, and there are loads more to choose from.