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Lisboa is a game about the reconstruction of the great Portuguese capital city after a series of terrible catastrophes. On November 1, 1755, Lisboa suffered an earthquake of an estimated magnitude of 8.5-9.0, followed by a devastating tsunami and 3 days of raging fires. The city was almost totally destroyed.

Lisboa is thus played, in part, on a representational map of the city. During the planning of the downtown re-building project, the type of businesses permitted in each street was pre-determined. The clockmakers and goldsmiths had their street; as did the bookstores and libraries; the tailors and silk vendors; and the toolmakers as well. This all comes into play on the Lisboa gameboard.

Players represent the nobility of Lisboa who will use their influence in the reconstruction and business development of the new city.

In rebuilding the city, players will make use of the Royal Builder, who works with the architects to build Lisboa anew, while the Marquis will provide aid in the development of commerce. The King will provide players with political help in re-opening the beautiful new city. But the true reason you are rebuilding the city is not for greatness, or even fame or fortune. As a nobleman or noblewoman of Lisboa, your primary motivation is the acquisition of Wigs--a most important trading commodity of the Era, and the means of scoring points in the game.

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  • After my last play of this I spent a week dwelling on it. There's so much going on you wonder how it can ever work as a whole, but it does. Theme is so strong, and really guides you through the actions. Moves along apace, but is still long and tactically deep.
  • In my experience with three different groups, this is game is undebatably unintuitive. The game is pretty and sure, some claim thematic, but at the cost of poor iconography and confusing colour choices. The puzzle here is excellent but you'll find the never ending questions detract from the experience. The gameplay will get smoother with repeated plays, but unless you're playing Lisboa in quick succession with the same group, it won't.I rate this favourably because Lisboa's puzzle is extremely juicy. The barrier of entry is quite high, but I found the payoff to be substantial.
  • SOLD, February 2020. Listed on ConnCon auction, but pulled down and shipped to a fella in Maryland.
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Oooo , cool, #Obsession is a game I have a high degree of interest in.

Some rare(ish) games to consider:

#Pax Pamir (Second Edition)

#Lisboa Or you could put about any other lacerda in here. 

This is really expensive... But, it's not out of print... You have to buy it from a Canadian distributor, or maybe from If you want more details check out  BGG. #Eclipse: Second Dawn for the Galaxy.

#Black Sonata

#Brass: Birmingham

#Ortus Regni

Maybe, #Mechs vs. Minions, I don't know if it is still available on the Riot Games website or not. 

#Age of Steam





seriously, the production value is top notch, especially in #Lisboa

I do so much research on my wishlist to the point I feel I've already played the game. So based on games which I've done limited research on that stood out a bit:

#Namiji - #Nemesis - #Dale of Merchants - #Lisboa - #Tidal Blades: Heroes of the Reef


I really would like to get #Lisboa sometime.

Nice! We'll be fully combining the two websites soon so please feel free to give any feedback on what you've been seeing!

Have you played any other Lacerda games? When I get to that point of finally getting into a Lacerda game, I'll probably have to wrestle between #The Gallerist and #Lisboa. I'm leaning closer to Lisboa at the moment mostly because of the theme.

First game of #Pipeline kicked the weekend off, which going broke in that game is kind of a panic when you don't have any oil in your tanks and you don't know what you're doing yet, but that spatial puzzle driving an economic game was pretty fun.  Hopefully another game of that, #Lisboa, and maybe a smaller game like #Targi would be a great weekend, we'll see what happens.

I support you putting #Lisboa back on your list. LOL

Darn, you're making me think about putting #Lisboa back into my wishlist again. I took it off since it was too far in reach. And you also mentioned 2 of the games I've been going back and forth on recently - #Robinson Crusoe: Adventures on the Cursed Island and #Anachrony