Fort board game
Fort board game


Fort is a 2-4 player card game about building forts and following friends.

In Fort, you're a kid! And like many kids, you want to grow your circle of friends, collect pizza and toys, and build the coolest fort.

By doing this cool stuff, you'll score victory points, and at the end of the game, the player with the most victory points wins! Your cards not only let you take actions on your own turn, but also let you follow the other players' actions on their turns. Will you devote yourself to your own posse, or copy what the other kids are doing?

But be careful as your carefully constructed deck might start losing cards if you don't actually use them. After all, if you don't play with your friends, why should they hang out with you anymore?

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  • After 2 plays I increased my score. I feel with 2 plays we covered all the cards that are available in the deck and experienced 3 or 4 different strategies of winning. It's a great little deck builder with some management requirement. Once you have a move your opponent might play a card with a Public action that you want to take advantage of, possibly forcing you to revisit your options on your next move. After your first play through the next game really meets that 20-40 mark. Our second game was just shy of 50 minutes but we had to take a child interruption that was about 5 minutes - so I think it's fairly on target - and that's with two players. With more players the VP probably gets to 25 faster. Happy to play this game many more times!
  • Not a bad game. But just sorta ‘meh’
  • 7/28/20- 5.5 from 6.0Played demo at Pax East. Was underwhelmed. The art looks fun but I don't like the colors and the theme seemed like it should have been cute. You collect friends and pizza and toys and it works pretty well as a card game except for the "fort" part. I've built tons of forts as a kid and a dad and there is no "fort" in this game. It is just a player board with a track that advances as you "build". Besides the disappointment of not building anything resembling a tree fort or a blanket fort, the game just seemed dull. There are so many better card, engine-building games. I will pass on this one.
  • The main issue is that this is supposed to be a more casual game but you see all the cards in a single game. It ends up being more competitive. The issue with that is that the made up rules are based on certain cards being needed but you might never be able to get them.
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Slow week, then a big weekend!

  • #Fort @ 2p on TTS. This was our second time playing, so we were more familiar with the game. We were able to play more quickly, and we both scored better than in our first game. I ended up winning by a narrow margin (2 or 3 points)
  • #Root @ 4p - last time I played this and talked about it with my wife, she expressed interest in trying it out, so I set up a game with my friend who owns it and his girlfriend. With 2 first-timers, the level of play wasn't super high, but I think the ladies did alright for their first games. My wife played the cats, and afterward she said she really didn't know what was going on most of the time and would need to get more familiar with the game to be able to tell if she likes it.
  • #Santorini 3x @ 2p - played with my buddy who loves the game as much as I do. I took 2 of 3. Played twice with regular god powers from the base game, and once with the hero powers from the #Santorini: Golden Fleece expansion.
  • #Sentient @ 2p - finally got to play this with someone! We both really enjoyed it. This is a puzzley game - kinda relaxing to me. We both had fun even helping each other out lol.
  • #Wingspan @ 4p - got to introduce my brother in law to this game and he SMOKED US. He got two birds with the "move to another habitat" ability and was just able to max out his turns almost every time toward the end of the game lol. It was pretty cool TBH. I came in dead last.
  • #Oceans @ 4p - I kind of wiped the floor with my friends (and my wife). I hope I didn't turn them off to the game lol. I set up a big old filter feeder with a whale cleaner, and both had traits to speed up the aging, so in the 2nd half of the game, I was scoring 11 points each turn. They didn't do enough to stop me, and no one ever caught up.

#Fort - I like it. The cutesy theme is well executed and goes a long way - there was a lot of banter at the table resulting from the theme and it was a particularly funny playthrough (I play in person with close friends in my covid 'bubble'). In one's first game with any deckbuilder it's difficult to know what to lose and what to keep, so it felt a bit aimless at times, but hopefully that will come with replay. I don't think the decisions are particularly interesting tbh, there's usually one good choice and it plays itself a bit. We had a completely new gamer join us and I felt this struck a good balance between having enough to keep the hobbyists interested while being light enough to explain quickly.

#Space Base - My friend absolutely adores this game and it's probably the 20th time I've played it. I think it's okay and I won't say no to it, but at this point I'm just playing because it makes him happy. I won without thinking at all.

#Too Many Bones - enough superlatives have already been heaped on this game so I'll spare you the gushing, but yeah, I love it. Will definitely be getting an expansion or two on pay day, if they're still in stock.

#The Search for Planet X - I love a sudoku and this game is basically a themed sudoku. I lent it to a couple we know as something light(ish) for them to play as they said they have no games and were bored in lockdown. It surprised me to receive a text saying they tried to learn it and were baffled. I think rules wise it's one of the lightest games I own, but always good to be reminded that most people are starting from scratch.

  • #Fort @ 2p - played this on Tabletop Simulator. We were supposed to have a third but he had to work late. I enjoyed it! I don't know if it's love at first sight, but I'm looking forward to getting another play in. We both took the strategy of rushing to Fort level 5 - he got there 1 turn before I did and beat me by 1 point!
  • #Res Arcana @ 4p - we had a double date with some friends and introduced them to this one. This game plays pretty well at 4 players, and I think if we played again, it would play very quickly. Turns are so fast. My wife should have won but she neglected to use her "Check victory now" ability on her Place of Power, so someone else was able to pass her up and get 11 points.
  • #War Chest @ 2p - my wife shocked me out of the blue and said "Do you want to teach me War Chest today?" Of course I said YES because it's one of my favorites! She thought it was...okay. It's just not her style of game. Her favorite games are definitely the ones with little to no interaction, and definitely without negative player interaction. She's said she doesn't like having to worry about what I'm doing, she just wants to worry about her own thing.
  • #Love Letter (2019 Edition) - we picked this up on a whim at Target. I wanted to give it a try just to see how it plays. I'm aware that it's much better at 3+ than it is at 2, but this is a neat little game. I look forward to trying this with family some time.

I might get to break out #Fort.  Tough to say.

Tough question.  Outside of #Dominion: Second Edition I haven't played the games listed.  I have a hard time saying #Dominion: Second Edition is best because while I enjoy it I am not sure it's the best.  I'm going to go with #Lewis & Clark with #Fort and #Viscounts of the West Kingdom being in consideration.  I think Viscounts has several things going on that make it a great game and Fort is too new for me to fully assess.  Lewis and Clark has several things going for it.  The cards have a variety of action choices and you can use them to pay for new cards.  

I've played several games now and I love the hand management requirements and trying to get your camp past the last space and avoid losing the game because you had too many cards left in your hand.  The first few games we played we would end up with a hand size of 20 cards!  

Going back to Dominion, a few things I don't like about it:

1. The point cards do nothing for you.  I think a great deck-builder allows every card to do something

2. Trashing cards doesn't feel as helpful at first.  This is certainly an opinion but I like it when I can trash a card for help.  I didn't include #The Taverns of Tiefenthal for this reason.  WHen you trash a card in Viscounts or "spend" one in Lewis & Clark, you get something in return. 

This has been #Root Week for me. I finally got my own copy and I recently received #Root: The Clockwork Expansion in a math trade. I didn't waste any time jumping in!

#Root x8 (4 players x1 | 2 players x1 | 1 player x6 / 13 total plays) - Needless to say, I've been enjoying the expansion. Typed up a session report here.

#Modern Art x1 (4 players / 6 total plays) - This is THE auction game for me right now. Such a sharp design. I'd love to give #Ra a shot down the line. I'm curious as to which I'd prefer.

#Fort x1 (4 players / 1 total play) - Interesting first play. Not sure how I feel. I really had to supervise the other players and make sure they were understanding the game, so I didn't really have the bandwidth to focus on my own game #TeacherProblems. I hope to get a second game in soon.

I voted for #Star Realms, as it's the only one on the list I've played. I fully expect to love #Dale of Merchants when my kickstarter arrives, and I have plans to try #Fort on TTS tomorrow night, and that looks fun as well. I've almost purchased #The Quest for El Dorado on multiple occasions, just never pulled the trigger, haha.

Also, #Dune: Imperium has deck-building in it as well, and I'll likely be getting that when it's available.

I'd vote for #Fort if it was listed but out of these I'd say #Dominion: Second Edition

In the end, I think my main question is: What's the most popular game of 2020? A game that had everyone talking about it all throughout the year?

2017 had #Gloomhaven, 2018 had #Root, and 2019 had #Wingspan. Which game matches that level of popularity for 2020? At least according to our google analytics, all three of those games hit absolutely huge spikes in traffic that outclassed all others within their respective years. And for this year, I remember seeing #Gloomhaven: Jaws of the Lion having a decent peak during the Target release, but it's still far behind the level of popularity of all those other games in my opinion since in the end, it's a "sequel". And while #Fort is doing well staying within the top 10 most visited game pages and sometimes top 5, it doesn't have that same level of excitement for me.

On another note, I'd really like to try out #The One Hundred Torii and #Tang Garden. Have you reviewed #The Court of Miracles yet?

Edit: Also, if #Nemesis had come out in 2020 instead, I think it would've been the most obvious candidate in terms of popularity (according to the metrics at least)

#Fort is a good game but it fell a little flat for me. I suppose I went in with too high of an expectation (or wrong expectations). And as much as I really like the repackaged JoTL, I'm not sure how I'd feel about another version of Gloomhaven taking the win.

It all depends what sort of "game of the year" you are asking about. Are you asking for Dice Tower's game of the year? or the Spiel pick? or Heavy Cardboards golden elephant? or something else?

Of course I think that #Gloomhaven: Jaws of the Lion will win a lot of aclaim. As I believe #Fort will.

I am sure that there are other games, not yet mentioned, that will be in the running. But, I feel a little less confident about what games will be in the general running than I have been other years.

Apparently I am on a deck/bag building kick. Been looking at the #Dale of Merchants line, the Clank options (probably OG #Clank! A Deck-Building Adventure), #Fort, #Orléans, and #Lions of Lydia. I'd go for one (or combination) of these.

I do that quite often actually! I immediately added #CloudAge after hearing that designer Pfister is coming out with a new game (I still haven't played any of his and this game seems better suited for me). I ended up pre-ordering it so that Trent and I can review it.

I've also done this with #Oath: Chronicles of Empire and Exile and #Fort before.