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Underwater Cities is card-combo worker placement game. Players can place their workers on one of a number of different placement spots, which have a benefit and a color. They take the benefit and then can play a card from their hand of that color. Players are building up cities on their own player boards, with associated production discs to generate resources. Cards can be one-shot, provide an ongoing bonus, or give you an action that can be used in conjunction with certain placement spots. While the game is definitely very busy, lovers of card combo games will certainly appreciate this one. My only complaint is that I wish there was some way to draft the cards instead of just getting luck of the draw. Great game, though.(4 plays)


I love this action selection game, which boils down the map-building and the sometimes unwieldy engine building elements of Terraforming Mars, and combines it with a really intuitive and clever action selection mechanism (pair card to space: with a mismatch, activate the space only; with a match, activate both card and space). Compared to TFM, this game has higher player interaction, faster play, and less cumbersome/exploitable engines, with just as much variety and depth. I still very much enjoy both games, but UC in my mind is the clear spiritual heir and improvement upon the ground turned over by TFM.


We upgraded all of our resources and submarines. Also one of my favourites from 2018.


Incredible mix between Terraforming Mars and a worker placement game. Every round has incredibly tight decisions to make and the fantastic gameplay is incredible. A great game.


Very nice game. A lot of different strategies and some good iterations. The main point of this game is to get focus on your end scoring but always trying to achieve more from our actions. Good quality of strategy and thinking.


Had touches of Terraforming Mars, but in a much different package. The limited actions per era were challenging, and the network building was equally so.


Haven't Played Yet.


Rating based on 1st play


Played once multiplayer and several times solo: two thumbs up! Solo is especially fun, so huzzah.


Long, but worth it. Card and action interactions are genius. Really rewarding at the end to see everything you've built.


New Vladimir Suchy game. I've been following closely on social media and providing feedback in Facebook group. Looks awesome, love the theme. Edit: Won a free copy!