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Barenpark board game


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Some bears stand over 10 feet tall and weigh 1 ton, so caring for them is surely a challenge. In Bärenpark, players will attempt to build the best bear park not only for the most massive Kodiak bears, but also polar bears and even Koalas! Yes, we hear you, Koalas aren't bears. But they were too cute to leave out so they're here!

Place enclosures, animal houses, and shops skillfully in your park. Complete areas quickly to score a lot of points. Cover icons to get new tiles and park sections. Make the most interesting park for years to come! .

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  • Good but the fact that 3 out of 4 people filled their entire board in the 1st game mean that there's no much depth and replayability for this game.
  • It's cute! I love that it encourages you to fill every space on a board and gives you just enough time and a variety of pieces--including three more boards that you connect after having filled part of the previous one--with which to actually do that. Compared to some of the 'tighter,' more challenging polyomino games (even the light and breezy Patchwork comes to mind with its back and forth button-counting slugfest) out there, it's nice to have one where you can feel great about having built something at the end--and where you get the feeling of fitting in that final puzzle piece multiple times throughout the game.Not a masterpiece, but a light, fun, and super accessible polyomino game. I'm never gonna play A Feast For Odin with my parents, but I have played this, and that alone is worth something. Box is a bit tight, but better that than a box that's oversized and wasteful. Setup is a bit long for how short and simple it is, but maybe that's just because I don't know how to organize it well.
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#Draftosaurus is a really good family game. I have a three year old boy that also play it with myself, my daughter and wife. Although, the three year needs help and often doesn't place his dino-meeples in optimal places, but he has a lot of fun playing with those dino-meeples.

As far as other my daught enjoys ...


#My First Carcassonne



#Lanterns: The Harvest Festival


#Guess Who?

Do you have kids? If so, any game suggestions? I am always on the lookout for new games to play with my daughter.

1. Prices are what I paid for them. I usually buy things on sale, discounted or even used. I also mostly play games with my wife, someone who likes light to mid-weight games, and my daughter, who is almost six.

#Carcassonne - $25

#Sushi Go! - $7

#Ticket To Ride - $35

#Barenpark - $30

#Stone Age - $35

#Draftosaurus - $22

#Superfight - $20

#Welcome to... - $22

Deck of cards with the remaining $4

2. #Shadows Over Camelot - I've always wanted to play the game.

Played 2 games of #Silver & Gold with my wife, BIL/SIL on Saturday.  BIL won both but games were within 3/1 points.  Such a fun lightweight game to enjoy while sitting around the table catching up.

Played a quick game of #Barenpark with my boys before church on Sunday. 


I'm curious about #Dune: Imperium but I dislike the proposition of investing a game I know nothing about besides a flashy trailer and the basic mechanics. I'll wait until a reviewer I trust takes a look at it first.

My girlfriend is pissed that I sold #Barenpark, so I plan to snap up #New York Zoo to make amends.

Solo wise after a good experience with #Castle Itter I'm impressed by David Thompson and have half an eye on #For What Remains.

#Barenpark has been on my list for a new easy set up and relaxing game night game. It is pretty easy to teach ya?

I played #Ecos: First Continent w/ 3.  First game for all of us.  Scores were pretty tight.  I really liked it.  Will wait to see how it does with repeated plays.

I played #Barenpark w/ 2.  Taught it to a friend.  Simple, enjoyable theme, a really nice gateway game. 

I watched all kinds of videos for #Raiders of the North Sea and #Architects of the West Kingdom tyring to decide between the two. Ended up getting both :)

Some other match-ups I've known people to compare are:

Uhh not sure if this counts as an animal game but here's one I found: Raptor

Bärenpark is another one, but again, not a strong theme around bears like in the case of Wingspan.


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Bärenpark: The Bad News Bears board game
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