Duelosaur Island board game
Duelosaur Island board game

Duelosaur Island

Duelosaur Island is an all new two-player, head-to-head, dinosaur-park-building experience! From the jaws of the award-winning, smash-hit strategy game Dinosaur Island comes this standalone, dinotastic strategy game. This game features brand new DNA dice that can also be used to expand Dinosaur Island.

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  • From Ilona: Duelosaur is a game I didn't like that much the first time, but the second time I played it I enjoyed it way more and think it is a nice 2 player version that is much shorter than the big game. In the end nothing beats the big game, even with two players but this one is still nice in a shorter amount of time.
  • This is really quite good. I think I need to play it again a few times to really get the full feel of it but my hunch is that it will stay in the collection for while.
  • Kind of dull and lifeless. For a two player game I have better in my collection. There also was not a great sense that dinosaurs were really related. It could be just generic theme part island instead and be pretty much the same.
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Yeah I would love to try Rebellion, but the price is pretty steep, and the chances are pretty low of getting it to the table with a frequency sufficient to justify the cost in my eyes.

Yeah #Duelosaur Island is #Dinosaur Island the duel edition lol. I think it's slimmed down in terms of complexity, but it still takes a decent amound of table space haha. Like I said, it's a decent game, but I don't think we need it.

It has been a while since we had one of these posts!

  1. #Dune - helps that I won, haha. But it was a really fun game overall. All factions had opportunities at various points.
  2. #Western Legends - this is just a really fun time, even if you don't win. I didn't win, lol
  3. #Everdell - played with my wife. Always a great game.
  4. #Paladins of the West Kingdom - this is a really good game. Kind of puzzley in a way, but with many solutions. That doesn't make much sense, but whatever
  5. #Duelosaur Island - this game was alright. We stumbled in getting all of the rules right, so I'd like to try it again now that I actually know how all of the phases work.
  • #Western Legends @ 5p. Our first time playing with the Ante Up expansion. I like the stuff out adds! I ended up in 2nd place. Guy who won had a ridiculous run at the poker table and just built a lead that no one could catch.
  • #Duelosaur Island @ 2p. Got this in a trade and tried it out with a friend. Our initial impression is that it's decent but not great. I do want to try it again. We had a hard time figuring out some of the rules, which tells us that the rulebook isn't great, as we usually don't have that issue.
  • #Paladins of the West Kingdom 2x @ 3p. Played this twice in a row. Would not recommend doing that, haha. We showed it to another friend who had not played before, and after the first game he wanted to play again. I agreed, but by that point, my mental energy was pretty low, so I performed terribly in the 2nd game after winning the first by a wide margin lol. Anyway, it's an excellent game.
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