Nusfjord board game
Nusfjord board game


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Today, Nusfjord is a tranquil fishing village in the Lofted archipelago in northern Norway. 50 years ago, business was booming when the codfish would come for spawning. But, travel back in time and Nusfjord is completely transformed. Sailing ships dominate the fjord, and the rocky beauty of the island is masked by vast forests. Visit the heyday of Nusfjord's maritime commerce and expansion, and success may be yours!

As the owner of a major fishing company in Nusfjord, your goal is to develop and expand the harbor and surrounding landscape. You will do this by using your workers to help you develop your fishing company, persuade village elders in the council to join you, and build buildings for valuable effects and victory points. Plus, don't forget to expand your fishing fleet to increase your fishing capacity, and issue shares in your company for a quick gold or two. You also need to balance the clearing and reforesting of your land for building resources. And don't forget the ever important gold needed to buy shares, which can earn you additional fish and points.

In the end, the player with the best fishing company (and most points) wins the game!

1 Action board
1 Ships and Elders supply board
1 Banquet table
1 Building supply boards
1 Imitation tile
18 Ship tiles
15 First player tiles
100 Fish tokens
50 Wood tokens
1 Wooden start player ship
18 Elder cards
132 Building cards
41 Gold Coins
9 Multiplication tiles
30 Forest tiles
In each of the 5 player colors:
1 "Personal Supply" board
3 Worker disks
1 Elder Council
1 Harbor board
5 Share tiles
1 Rulebook
1 Appendix

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User Ratings & Reviews

  • Unexplainably satisfying, like most Rosenberg.
  • Such a good game. Screw sandboxes, this is Uwe dialing the tightness of the design to eleven. Extremely crunchy for its short playtime and highly replayable with three different building decks to choose from. Almost Race for the Galaxy level concentrated gaming goodness.
  • I love how simple this game is, yet every decision is very meaningful. The shares are the star of the show here and it is a nice way to get players interacting. The solo game takes about 20 minuets and is a surprisingly tense game - it is better multiplayer though. Another solid hit by Uwe Rosenberg.
  • A joy to play, rewards long term planning as well as just winging it round by round. Set up is a little fussy, and the lack of organizing insert is irritating, but once the game starts it just flows so quickly, and it's really simple to teach as well. I've played it solo and with kids (11 and 13). I highly recommend this! It's also nice to play a game that doesn't involve conquering, colonizing, attacking, etc. It's just fishing and forestry!
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