51st State board game
51st State board game

51st State

Players take control of one of four factions vying for control of the post-war remains of a devastated United States. These factions struggle to build their stockpiles of supplies through conquest, trade, and expansion of their territory, until they achieve the stability to become the 51st State - and provide the foundation of a new society.

Designed by internationally renowned designer Ignacy Trzewiczek, and set in the Neuroshima universe, 51st State features breathtaking artwork and innovative gameplay. Players will have to strategically plan the growth of their faction - Will you use force to gain large, short term benefits? Will you negotiate to gain an ongoing income? Or will you incorporate new locations into your territory? Difficult decisions await the players on every turn.

51st State includes 16 Faction cards, 84 Location and Contact cards, and 198 cardboard tokens

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User Ratings & Reviews

  • --May2011-- Definitely a preliminary rating (that I expect I'll continue to refine over the next 8-10 games.) After a first play, it seems fiddlier than I expected, but is still quite amusing. I'm on the cusp of buying-or-not.--Sep2011-- After a couple more plays, I'm still not clear on the balance between the starting positions. Nor have I come to an accomodation with the fiddliness.--Aug2012-- In retrospect, it's fading in my estimation. Some of that is _The New Era_ - with which I was rather unimpressed.
  • I felt a lot of similarities to Race for the Galaxy (which I don't care for all that much), except more fiddly. I'm sure once you were used to the iconography and ideas in the game, the fiddliness would go away.
  • Feels a bit like RftG without so much of the stress. Really fun, wish it was a little more interactive though.

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