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An interesting combination of a number of good mechanics, but ultimately the game was a little on the dull side. It seemed like the game was all about advance planning and trying to figure out what your opponents would do on future turns (that isn't really a negative for me, though). I'd like to play some more to figure out what's really going on.(1 play)


Another no luck game. Lots of options to balance with no clear best option. Another winner from Ystari.


Nice medium-weight euro from Ystari. Players participate in the building of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, using farmers to produce resources, engineers to irrigate the garden's areas, traders to acquire camels (which are used to travel around Mesopotamia getting exotic plants for the gardens) and priests to maintain a presence in the city's three temples. When an exotic plant is bought it is planted in the gardens, yielding VPs as well as other advantages.With many ways of scoring VPs and with caravan-loads of different, interacting mechanisms in the game, Amyitis is actually quite a nice game, which I have enjoyed playing. It does feel a bit too abstract and a-thematic for my tastes, though, but if you like games like Goa and Caylus, this one should be right up your alley.


2020-05-04 : First play. Old-skool medium weight euro that gets a lot of things right : it plays smoothly and has multiple paths to victory. The one big flaw : players further in the turn order on the first turn will not be able to freely choose which path to victory they want to explore, but will be forced into what's left/possible when the game gets around to them. I don't like it much when a game forces me down a particular path, even when it's a viable one. Restricting the number of players who can explore a bank strategy or a camel driver strategy or any strategy for that matter is simply a boneheaded design decision. Without it, this would have been an 8


--Oct2009-- I've seen reviews that say "Oh, no; another dry and soul-less Euro." That wasn't my response at all. I found it engaging and tense, with a nice enough match of mechanisms and theme that references to the rulebook were unnecessary after only a few turns. This is one I'd be happy to own or play.--Jul2010-- Very nice with the Ystari Box expansion. Glad to own it.


"Ask me what the key is to doing well in a game of Amyitis.""OK: what is the key to...""TIMING!"But theriously, folks:Amyitis is not a bad game; just kinda dry.


This game was fine, it just ultimately got pushed out of the time/space slot by other more compelling games to me. I think it's something I'd play again, but it's not like I'm going to a con and looking for players or anything. There's so many games from the last 10 years that are this way. They are fine, but they really don't have much of a soul. Games need soul to connect with you, whether that's through theme, or interesting mechanics I think is up to the individual. I'm looking for soul.


opened played once great condition.


First impression. Very enjoyable strategy game.


Didn't play very much, but it has beautiful art and an interesting mechanic. I'm sure we'll get back to it eventually.


Includes "The Palace" expansion.


Ystari games are dry and have a bunch of neat mechanics. This one is no exception. Interesting.