Chronicles of Crime board game
Chronicles of Crime board game

Chronicles of Crime

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Chronicles of Crime is a cooperative game of criminal investigation mixing board game, an app and a touch of Virtual Reality. You and your team will be put on crime cases, moving all around town, interviewing suspects or witnesses, and searching for clues in 3D scenes! 

The base game comes with 6 scenarios (1 tutorial + 5 investigations) for a total of 6 to 8 hours of gameplay. More scenarios will be released later!

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  • I've only played one scenario through and quit through half of the starting scenario. It's an adventure game come to life in board game form. Though i like the game I do have a handfull of issues with it: -It's disappointing that the scenarios weren't "remixed" to give the game more replayability. The nature of using the app and the nameless cards almost implies that the game can be changed up to keep players coming back to the same scenarios but that doesn't seem to be the case.-Taking notes to keep up with the cases is a chore, though i have dealt with that by making marker tokens that can be used to make note taking more dynamic, rather than slow the game down with written notes.-Little disappointed to find out the expansions require buying more physical cards. I was under the impression that the base game was all you'd need and the nature of the design meant you'd only need to buy digital scenarios.As is, the game suffers from the same lack of replayability as most games of this nature. while i thought the technology involved could help innovate and alleviate that issue here.You'll be relying on the company, and your wallet, to get more replay value from this game where the technology involved could have helped treat that issue.I'd like to see a community driven option where people can use the base components to construct their own cases creating a game with infinite replayability.
  • The base game is great, but Noir so far has just been an absolute gem. The music and the action cards bring so much more to this already fantastic game. Can't wait for more!
  • Just finished the power behind trilogy. The game is awesome, just wish there was some more flexibility in how to tackle the investigations and unlocking the next path.
  • great
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She's super into the numerous podcasts about true crime that are out there. She's actually listening to one right now lol. We picked up #Chronicles of Crime and it's pretty good. Can get a little overwhelming trying to piece everything together as it always seems like there's something you're not getting. Guess that's why we aren't detectives!

All games that have been in or are still in my collection! Thinking about getting the new #Detective: A Modern Crime Board Game - Season One game to replace #Chronicles of Crime as we find the latter a little too difficult at times. Maybe we're just terrible investigators...

Great idea. The list for me is:

1. #Too Many Bones this one looked too intimidating when it was set up on the table so she noped out, but she's warming ot the idea of giving it a try

2. #Great Western Trail "it's a jumbled up mess of random elements"... still bitter to this day about that take!

3. #Irish Gauge "it's too hard to get back into the game when you're losing" definitely truth to that, it's meaner than it looks 

4. #Arctic Scavengers: Base Game + HQ + Recon "its so bleak"

5. #Chronicles of Crime "it devolves into random scanning after a while" I agree with this as well. #Detective: A Modern Crime Game is my #1 crime mystery game by an incredibly long way. I think it dunks on consulting detective and while I respect chronicle's design, the app's not for me.


Nice review!

My fiance and I looked into this because she's really into true crime pods. Having read some reviews, we decided against this and went with #Chronicles of Crime instead due to the heavy text issues. It seems with the new version those are sorted out so I may have to look at this game again. Have you played Chronicles? If so how do you think the new version of Detective compares?

For us, Chronicles is a little difficult to solve the cases because it leaves us feeling like we failed to get a majority of the evidence. We still have fun going through it most of the time but the scenarios seem to string out further and further until you're like okay now what should we do? Maybe similarly to what you said in your cons section, we're just bad lol.

Nice, I've got one of the #Unlock! Escape adventures boxes and #Chronicles of Crime still waiting to be played, but if I enjoy those, might give these a look!

Beat the last scenario of #Chronicles of Crime and got the expansion #Chronicles of Crime: Noir for my Birthday 

Played #Space Base for the first time and lost to my wife.

Also got to play my favorite racing game #The Quest for El Dorado


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