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Billed to me as "weirdly smooth", but slightly off-putting before I'd played because it's a Kickstarter hit by a new designer.And... well, it does have some of the hallmarks of a new-breed Kickstarter Euro. It feels like there are systems bolted onto the sides of other systems with abandon and by the end there's a serious Stuff Overflow in front of you. The sort of thing that causes AP.But you know, it wasn't a quick game, but it didn't bog down as much as it might have. When guest cards started to pile up in front of me, the early ones stopped being importantly different from each other, saving me some thinking time. And those systems, awkward as they seem upon learning, mesh in ways that pull them together. (Having the wrong meeple servants available prunes your option tree for which guests to invite.) It was satisfying.


Nine plays on the first edition, and now playing the second edition with the Upstairs Downstairs servants. Quite fun. There is a good game here, both in theme and in game mechanisms.The second edition is largely an improvement. With all the extra content it is a big game to set up, and I left my new game on the table, as I want to figure out how I want to store it.The author is a lovely guy, and really, just a bit too kind. The game materials allow for some modding. Two different sizes of cards for the same purpose. Both high value and low value monuments. Just use the size cards and value of monuments you like. Which is nice, but does add some overhead around what to include in the game as you go to set it up.Lots of bonus tiles and cards as well, which the author tells us to not just include en masse. More overhead... the rules are now quite verbose. The original manual, the appendix, the promo card and promo tile rules sheet. The Wessex rules sheet, and the Upstairs Downstairs rules sheet. I suppose I out to read them all... but I know how to play!I like this game. My current idea is to remove unwanted options from the main box. I want to be able to more easily step into the game, and reduce the set up process. My most recent play was a two-player game with my wife, and that went very well. Looking forward to more plays with her.


3.31 game weight


Wonderful game. Damn near all timer. This game never disappoints and has been an absolute blast every time it hits the table. One of the few games that actually encourages leaning into the theme.


In Obsession, players use their room tiles along with person cards from their hand to activate the special abilities of both. However, these room tiles require different combinations of persons, and both the rooms and the people require different combinations of servants that you have to have available to be played. These abilities provide you with more person cards, money to buy more building cards, and reputation—which is another requirement to use both rooms and people. While there is quite a bit of card luck in drawing the person cards, on the whole it added up to a thinky optimization exercise, and that’s the sort of thing I like.(1 play)


(Ratings 1 to 5)Simplicity: 4Depth: 4 (with variants; otherwise 3)Interactivity: 4 (with variants; otherwise 2-3)Theme: 5Fast-Moving: 3Replayability: 4Overall BGG Rating: 9/10 (with variants; 8.25 to 8.5 with base rules)Full review at https://boardgamegeek.com/article/30023314


Pretty fun winning all the courtships and getting the sculpture garden monument early on! Even though I had no money at the end of the game, I maxed out on the reputation.


If the art and graphics were better it would easily be a 5/5. Gameplay is solid though.


A game where the theme and mechanics feel so closely tied together that I can't help but get sucked into the narrative that is playing out on the table.


Very thematic with all the mechanisms tying brilliantly into the stories that the game creates. Simple to play but with plenty of ways to generate points, cash or reputation points and grow your estate. A unique game in my collection. Recommended.